Apocalypse is a miniseries that takes place during the main series of Mall Boy. It involves an evil tyrant named King Darius always trying to take over the city where Mike lives.


MB 2

These three are not numbered by 1, 2, 3, etc as they were three parts of the first 'Apocalypse' special. The MB 5 and later Apocalypse episodes are a triple-length episode and not split into parts.

Apocalypse: The Takeover: 8/8/16

The city government of Oakville is overthrown one day by a group of evildoers, causing the city to be thrown into chaos.

Apocalypse: Destruction: 8/9/16

The tyrants have taken over, and now the city has been demolished due to the destruction of the evil people.

Apocalypse: Oakville War: 8/11/16

The trapped citizens fight back against the evil rulers.

MB 5

Apocalypse 2: Electric Fence-aloo: 10/7/16

King Darius tries to take over Sycamore City after failing to take over Oakville.

MB 8

Apocalypse 3: Blizzard: 2/12/17

King Darius tries to take over Sycamore City again by causing a massive blizzard!

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