Camp Ritchatakwa is the main location for Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa and is the second summer camp shown in the series. All the camps from Frye Island-Sunset Mountains were designed for the show and not actually summer camps. Camp Mekapanema was the first summer camp, shown in Total Drama Mekapanema, Season 1.


Main Lodge:

This is where the campers go to get fed by Chef Hatchet, host and chef of the season. It is apparently very Native American themed, as it has a totem pole (destroyed by Dan) and a large wooden fireplace (obviously not used for fires). There is a large kitchen with a window where Chef gives the campers their trays of food. The known meals served are pancakes and something that involves butter.

Headless Horses' Cabin:

The Headless Horses' cabin was used by the Headless Horses as their shelter. It was divided in two by a large wall, like the other cabin. After the merge, the cabin was seen as abandoned and unused, as the remaining campers moved into the Laughing Lions' cabin.

Laughing Lions' Cabin:

This was the second cabin seen. It was used by the Laughing Lions before the teams dissolved. The cabin was used as the post-merger shelter for the remaining campers.


Dan and Brydon go here to discuss their plan together and it is a normal bathroom house. It has two shower stalls, three toilet stalls, and two urinals. It apparently is a pretty big building, located just into the woods of Camp Ritchatakwa.

Runway of Shame:

Each elimination, one camper walks the Runway of Shame and to the Plane of Loserdom, which flies away and takes them to the post-elimination camp.

Plane of Loserdom (elimination exit):

This is the plane from Far North, another series by Mekapanema TV, that was cancelled. However, this version is beat up and damaged, but is not totally wrecked like the Far North version. This plane takes the eliminated campers away to the post-elimination camp.


Originally, Chef Hatchet owned Ritchatakwa. However, he announced in the merger episode A Treasure Hunt that the winner of the season would inherit the camp, as an extra prize.

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