Camp TV: Camp Moymodayo is Season 2 of Camp TV. This season, it is not a reality series and instead focuses on 7 summer campers interacting with one another.


Name Description Aired Season Code
Summertime is Here!!! The 7 campers are introduced. 1/20/16 1
The Grand Badminton Tournament The kids are broken into two teams and they play badminton. 1/21/16 2
It's a Swimming-ful Life In a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life," Liam realizes that the Mid-Atlantic Region of the US, who he is angry at, is destroyed. 1/23/16 3
Hangin' Out in the Rec Hall It's a dull, rainy day, so the kids hang out in the Rec Hall and throw a rockin' dance party. 1/24/16 4
The Crazy Flood The camp floods and the campers become trapped. 1/25/16 5
One Crazy Cruise! Chandler gets trapped on an out of control speedboat and is chased by a lake warden. 1/26/16 6
The Camp Rivalry Otter Pond, the rival camp, destroys the camp. 1/27/16 7

Opening Sequence

MUSIC: Instrumental electric guitar

The camera swoops under the camp sign and around the huge totem pole, crashing through the Rec Hall doors. The staff are dancing with one another. Jordan looks up in surprise and drops Gretchen on the floor. A burst of flames burst up in front of the camera, leading it to switch to nighttime, around a campfire. The campers are toasting marshmallows, and Chandler accidentally gets his in Kayla's hair. She puts her fists on her hips and glares angrily at him. The camera pans out to show everyone around the campfire, smiling (except Kayla).

Campers and Staff


Staff Member Position
Jeremiah Camp Director
Gretchen Girls' Counselor
Aaron Boys' Counselor


Name Stereotype
Kayla The Beauty Queen
Dylan The Normal Boy
Taylor The Shy Girl
Liam The Cool Kid
Chandler The Clumsy Boy
Megan The Normal Girl
Sheldon The Famemonger


  • This is the first season of any Studio 21 show to be a spin-off season.
  • The third episode, and the first TV movie of the season, "It's a Swimming-ful Life," was a parody of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life," except it had extremely insulting ways to treat part of the US.
  • Originally, there was a camp manager character, named Jordan Skyland, who would be uptight and strict. He would've served as the main antagonist if he had not been scrapped to make the season more lighthearted.
  • The series was cancelled after airing 7 episodes of this season.

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