Camp TV: Wawanakwa II (formerly known as Season 1) is the first season of Camp TV.


Hey there! 26 competitors have come to the older version of Camp Wawanakwa to compete for the grand prize of $1,000,000!


The season will have 26 episodes.

Holiday Marathon: On December 2nd, a holiday marathon occurred and aired episodes 21 through 24 (the finale) all on the same day. Studio 21 wanted to finish the season quickly. December 3rd will air 25 and 26.

Episode Description Eliminated Air-Date Production Code
Welcome to Wawanakwa The 26 returning and new competitors are introduced. Katie 11/1/15 1-1
Challenge Time The contestants do their first challenge of the season. Cody 11/2/15 1-2
Flood Wawanakwa (TV Movie) The cliff collapses, and causes a tidal wave to send the contestants out to sea. Duncan 11/3/15 1-3, 1-Movie
The Insane Cliff Dive The contestants dive off what is left of the cliff using hangliders. Alejandro 11/4/15 1-4
Scarlett's Revenge Scarlett, from Pahkitew Island, comes to release her revenge on Chris. Bridgette 11/5/15 1-5
Hurricane McLean A hurricane is destroying Wawanakwa II. Lanie, Tyler 11/8/15 1-6
Creeptown It's time for a creepy challenge through the woods, with Chris telling a scary story. Izzy, Manny 11/8/15 1-7
Nah, Money I'm Good The contestants are shown the money, but are led into a trap. Trent 11/9/15 1-8
Search and Be Scared The contestants have to face an escaped psycho killer! Heather 11/11/15 1-9
Live Off the Sand The contestants go surfing. Justin 11/12/15 1-10
The Burglary Chris makes the contestants break into Nevaeh's mansion on Frye Island. Emma 11/13/15 1-11
Season 1 Aftermath Tristan and Bridgette discuss what's happened so far on Camp TV Season 1. Non-elimination 11/15/15 1-12
This Camp's Da Bomb! (TV Movie) Chris accidentally sets off a bomb and it is ticking to detonate!! Harold 11/16/15 1-13, 1-Movie
Survival of the Stupidest The contestants have to survive in a fake Arctic climate. Gwen 11/17/15 1-14
Diving Challenge Chris tells the contestants to dive under Lake Wawanakwa and retrieve their team item. Leshawna 11/19/15 1-15
No Way, No How Nobody volunteers to go down and save Chris from a shark pit, until someone trips and goes in anyway. DJ 11/20/15 1-16
Hang in There! The contestants swing from vines to grab stuff in trees. Sierra 11/21/15 1-17
Camp Idol Chris hosts a talent show. Beth 11/23/15 1-18
Old War The contestants fake a war. Eva 11/23/15 1-19
Destruction of Chef The contestants watch as Chef goes insane. Noah 11/25/15 1-20
This Camp Sucks The camp, after all its damage, begins to crash and burn. Ezekiel (eliminated)

Katie (brought back)



Nightmare on Lake Wawanakwa (TV Movie) The island malfunctions severely. Sadie 12/2/15


1-22, 1-Movie
Watch and Be Wary The camp is falling apart even more as the days go on. Geoff 12/2/15


Really, Chris?! Chef tortures the final three as they compete for the final two. None 12/2/15


That Sinking Feeling-Part 1 Part 1 of the grand finale, the contestants notice the sinking island. Brayden 12/3/15

Grand Finale Event

That Sinking Feeling-Part 2 The island sinks and the million is handed out.

NOTE: This is the series finale of Camp TV.

Lindsay (runner up) 12/3/15

Grand Finale Event

1-26, 1-Finale, Camp TV Finale


On this show, everyone is for themselves, and there are no teams. There are 26 competitors.

Name Eliminated Place
Katie Welcome to Wawanakwa(brought back in This Camp Sucks) 26th
Cody Challenge Time 25th
Duncan Flood Wawanakwa 24th
Alejandro The Insane Cliff Dive 23rd
Bridgette Scarlett's Revenge 22nd
Lanie and Tyler Hurricane McLean 21st
Izzy and Manny Creeptown 20th
Trent Nah, Money I'm Good 19th
Heather Search and Be Scared 18th
Justin Live Off the Sand 17th
Emma The Burglary 16th
None Season 1 Aftermath N/A
Harold This Camp's Da Bomb! 15th
Gwen Survival of the Stupidest 14th
Leshawna Diving Challenge 13th
DJ No Way, No How 12th
Sierra Hang in There! 11th
Beth Camp Idol 10th
Eva Old War 9th
Noah Destruction of Chef 8th
Ezekiel This Camp Sucks 7th
Sadie Nightmare on Lake Wawanakwa 6th
Geoff (due to medical reasons) Watch and Be Wary 5th
None Really, Chris?! N/A
Brayden That Sinking Feeling-Part 1 4th/3rd
Lindsay That Sinking Feeling-Part 2 2nd
Katie: WINNER! That Sinking Feeling-Part 2 1st/WINNER

Current Campers:

Katie: brought back from Welcome to Wawanakwa

Season Facts/Trivia

  • This is the first season of any Studio 21 show to have no teams at all. The contestants have to survive by themselves.
  • This is the first show to actually bring a contestant back into the game. Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain brought a new competitor in for the semi-finale.

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