Canada's Got.....Failure? is the second official episode of Total Drama Mekapanema. (The Drama Awards is a special, not a numbered episode). In this episode, Chris hosts the first ever Mekapanema Talent Show challenge.

Plot Edit Edit

The Mekapanema campers are doing a talent show challenge. Courtney's head still hurts from the last episode. She moans about this as the teams sit down. Chris begins to tell them about their challenge, and Courtney knows that it's a talent show. When Ophelia asks what happened last time, she tells them and a flashback is seen to the audience. Chris says that the teams will vote for their representatives, and whoever representative gets the most points per team gets to go to the finals. Two campers get to the finals.

Trivia  Edit

  • This episode was formerly called The A-maze-ing Race and was going to be about campers getting lost in a maze.
  • The title suggests that TDM takes place in Canada, however it does not, in reality it took place in Howland, Maine, USA.