Chris McLean (The Host with the Most) is the crazy sadistic host that hosted Drama until Season 5, and then he returned for Seasons 14-16. Blaineley took his job for Season 3, but Chris was an intern on the show still. He hosted Camp TV: Wawanakwa II for a while before the show switched formats and he was fired. He returned for Drama Seasons 14, 15, and 16. His contract was renewed so he could host Drama Season 18.


On his short, 4 season hosting career for Drama, Chris was very sadistic and obsessed with himself. In Total Drama Mekapanema, he seems genuinely concerned when Bodhi gets injured badly. However this concern goes away as the show progresses. In Total Drama Antagonists, the auditorium, which is where elimination takes place, is literally falling apart around him. But he thinks it's fine. Literal pieces of ceiling sometimes crash down from the ceiling. He takes over again in Season 14 and leaves at the end of Season 16 for his vacation. Total Drama: Return to Frye Island was the 18th season and he returned for it.

Camp TV

He was the sadistic host of Camp TV, with 26 original Total Drama contestants on a new island called Wawanakwa II. He acts like he did in Pahkitew Island towards the original contestants, which is way more extreme than he was before.

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