Citiesburg is an abandoned city in the Drama universe. It was first shown in Season 1 in the movie The Search for Chris, as an abandoned and post-apocalyptic city located somewhere behind Camp Mekapanema. It was shown in a picture in Season 6's TDKI Aftermath when Tristan insults Bridgette. It reappeared in Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa and Total Drama: Veterans vs. Rookies.

Total Drama Mekapanema-Season 1

In the episode The Search for Chris, which was episodes 12 and 13 of Total Drama Mekapanema, the cast must go find Chris and Chef after they were kidnapped. Dawn and Ophelia go to the Old Man's abandoned gas station in the woods to ask for directions. Before he gives them directions, he threatens to eat Ophelia (this part of the episode was edited out in the US version) and they go to Citiesburg, which is down the road from Old Man's house.

Total Drama: Katawasisin Island-Season 6

In TDKI Aftermath, Tristan insults Bridgette by saying "Shut up! Go live in Citiesburg!!" Bridgette then pulls an image of the abandoned city up on the monitor and says "THIS Citiesburg??" Meanwhile, Claire is on a very static-y webcam and keeps getting ignored by both of the hosts.

Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa-Season 10

When the former city mayor, Mayor McRonsin, kidnaps Chef, he says that the city was booming until he became mayor. He had a bomb destroy it and that's why it's so abandoned.

Total Drama: Veterans vs. Rookies-Season 15

Citiesburg reappears in Season 15 after 5 seasons of absence from its last appearance, in Season 10. The city is even more abandoned than before, and more overgrown. This is to show the passage of time since TDM.

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