Do You Wanna Build a Rockman? is the 11th episode of Total Drama: Frye Island. In this episode, the teams build towers to win the challenge.

Summary  Edit

The contestants are building rock towers as part of a challenge when Amy won't stop calling everyone losers. Chris tells the teams that whoever wins will get the chance to vote someone off from the losing team. However, this reward is revoked when he gets really annoyed with Amy and kicks her off in the middle of the challenge. The winning team will actually win a plane ride to 40,000 up in the air.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first out of two episodes that has two writers, but one writer that isn't Kiera Emerson.
  • This is the second episode co-written by Don McClung.
  • This episode strangely airs alone, unlike the rest of the normal-length episodes. Usually, 21 minute episodes air in one package, a 42 minute time block. This episode happened to air without another episode.