This is a directory for all the locations featured in Drama.

Name Location Owner Appeared in
Camp Mekapanema Howland, Maine Chris McLean (formerly)

Amy (currently)

Total Drama Mekapanema-Season 1

Total Drama: Mekapanema's Revenge-Season 7

TDS: Second Chance-Season 4 of TDS

Total Drama: Sunset Mountains-Mentioned, Season 9

Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa-Season 10

Total Drama: Veterans vs. Rookies-Season 15

Frye Island Sebago Lake, Maine Chris McLean (formerly)

Nevaeh (currently)

Total Drama Mekapanema-Season 1, prototype version

Total Drama: Frye Island-Season 2

Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3

Total Drama Antagonists-Season 5

Fridays on Frye Island (Live action version)

Omiyosiw Mountain Somewhere in Colorado, USA Unknown Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3
Luckiamute Forest Northern Texas, USA Unknown Total Drama Luckiamute Forest-Season 4
Gorham Middle School Gorham, Maine Chris McLean (until its destruction) Total Drama Antagonists-Season 5

Total Drama: Revenge of the Antagonists-Season 12

Katawasisin Island Lake Michigan, USA Unknown Total Drama: Katawasisin Island-Season 6

Total Drama: Sunset Mountains-Mentioned, Season 9

Greenmere Meadows Vancouver, Canada Unknown Total Drama: Greenmere Meadows-Season 8
Sunset Mountains (location) Unknown Unknown Total Drama: Sunset Mountains-Season 9
Camp Ritchatakwa Northern Vermont, USA Chef Hatchet Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa-Season 10
Thunder Falls Toronto, Canada Unknown Total Drama: Thunder Falls-Season 11
Blackstone Valley Unknown Unknown Total Drama: Blackstone Valley-Season 13
SS McLean Ocean Chris McLean Total Drama: The Crazy Cruise-Season 14
Moon Outer Space Unknown Total Drama Outer Space-Season 16
Lisbon Springs Western Colorado US Department of Agriculture Total Drama: Lisbon Springs-Season 17

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