Totally Dramatic! (aka Drama Pilot) is episode 0 of Drama and the pilot of the series.


Chris McLean introduces the show and says that each season, 20 competitors (not true) will be competing for $1,000,000. He introduces Chef Hatchet, the cook, and they say that Camp Woodsville's (now Mekapanema's) cooking will be the worst ever. He introduces the two teams of Total Drama: Camp Woodsville (now Total Drama Mekapanema) and he shows the shark-infested lake to the camera. An announcer then says Totally Dramatic! Coming July 23rd to Cartoon Network and Teletoon!

Differences from the series

  • Chris says that each season, 20 competitors would be competing. This is not true, as each season has a different number.
  • Camp Woodsville was the original name for Camp Mekapanema.
  • Sadistic Jackrabbits was changed to Appalling Ants.
  • Pine Lake was changed to Pine River in the actual show.
  • The Gilded Chris Award is mentioned to be the invincibility item, however in TDM it is a trophy shaped like a star.
  • Chef says he has a cooking/craft TENT, but in the show he has an actual mess hall building.
  • This pilot had the full Total Drama theme song but the rest of the show would edit it down.

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