There have been several Drama TV movies. Here is a list of them.

Total Drama Mekapanema Edit

Total Drama: Frye Island Edit

  • Welcome to the Island (Parts 1 and 2): The campers are introduced to Frye Island in Part 1 and their first challenge occurs in Part 2. Later two-parters would not be classified as a TV movie.
  • Battle for Frye Island: A huge, epic war from North Windham destroys the island.

Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain Edit

  • Adrift at the Lake: The contestants get stranded in the middle of a lake after a challenge goes wrong.

Total Drama Luckiamute Forest Edit

Total Drama Antagonists Edit

  • E for Effort: A 45 minute special, technically is a TV movie.

Total Drama: Katawasisin Island Edit

Total Drama: Mekapanema's RevengeEdit


Total Drama: Greenmere Meadows Edit


Total Drama: Sunset Mountains Edit

Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa Edit

Total Drama: Thunder Falls Edit


Total Drama: Revenge of the Antagonists Edit


Total Drama: Blackstone Valley Edit

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