Katawasisin Island is the second island in the Drama series, the first being Frye Island. It is the first place to have Claire be the host. Blaineley hosted on the island in Season 18, Total Drama Island Time.

Total Drama: Katawasisin Island-Season 6

Katawasisin Island is the new, beautiful island on Lake Michigan that the new host, Claire Daniels, takes the 23 brand new contestants to. It has a rushing waterfall, beautiful trees, and a sandy beach with clear water. However, the team's camps are rundown for some unexplained reason. Two feasts were held here, and one of them was the Thanksgiving 2015 feast. At the end of the season, the island malfunctioned and flooded, causing the remaining campers and Claire to hide atop a roof.

Total Drama: Sunset Mountains-Season 9

It was not seen, but a challenge involved Claire and a mountain in the range named Mt. Katawasisin, obviously named for the island.

Total Drama Island Time-Season 18

Katawasisin Island is set to reappear in Season 18, Total Drama Island Time. This time, Blaineley and Marissa will be hosting, rather than Claire and an unknown chef like in Season 6.

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