MB 1 (aka Mall Boy Season 1) is the first season of Mall Boy. It introduces Mike, Mom, Dad, and the mall's manager, Mr. Kipling.


Mike Richards loves to hang around the Triple Oaks Mall when his parents are busy and luckily he is rich! The mall has four floors, a swimming pool, and a rooftop food court. It also has a rollercoaster!



Mike Richards: Main character

Mrs. Richards

Mr. Richards

Mr. Kipling: Mall manager


The season consists of 7 eleven minute episodes.

Name Description Aired Production Code
Welcome to Oakville! We are introduced to all the characters. 7/7/16 1
No Skateboarding in the Mall After Mike destroys the front door again, Mr. Kipling snaps at him and causes Mike to run away. Then he destroys the mall. 7/8/16 2
Locked In! Mike is trapped in the mall after-hours one day. 7/9/16 3
Roller Crash The roller coaster crashes and Mike gets hurt and Mr. Kipling tries to prevent his parents from suing the mall. 7/10/16 4
Electronics R Us Goes Bankrupt Mike's friend Joey, who works at Electronics R Us, a store in the mall, is put out of work after the store goes bankrupt and shuts down. 7/11/16 5
Hurricane Oakville A major F5 hurricane destroys the city, forcing everyone to take cover in the mall, which is a storm shelter. 7/12/16 6
Mike Gets Busted! After stealing from the mall food court, Mike is arrested. 7/13/16 7

Season Trivia

  • This season and the original focus of the show was based heavily off of the Fresh TV series, 6teen, in which teens hang out at a mall.