MB 2 is the second season of Mekapanema TV's new series Mall Boy. It had a three-part special called Apocalypse.

Main Cast

  • Mike Richards
  • Sam Miami


There are 10 episodes to the season, unlike the first season, which only had 7.

Name Description Aired Season Code Production Code
Mr. Kipling, You're Fired! Mr. Kipling gets fired. 8/5/16 1 8
Triple Oaks Goes Out of Business The mall goes out of business and is shut down, much to the dismay of Mike. 8/6/16 2 9
Apocalypse: The Takeover The city government is overthrown by a group of bikers with an evil leader. 8/8/16 3 10
Apocalypse: Destruction Oakville has been thrown into a destroyed state after being taken over. 8/9/16 4 11
Apocalypse: Oakville War The city attempts to fight back against their evil rulers. 8/11/16 5 12
In Control Again, Naturally The mayor manages to take over the city again and restore it. 8/12/16 6 13
Snow in August A blizzard slams Oakville in the middle of August. 8/13/16 7 14
Shipwrecked Mike goes on a cruise out of Oakville Harbor with his parents but ends up getting shipwrecked on an island. 8/15/16 8 15
Oakville's Got Talent Mike, Sam, and Mayor Roxbury judge a talent contest in Oakville. 8/15/16 9 16
Mike Wants to Be Famous Mike is obsessed with his favorite show, Reality Island. 8/15/16 10 17