MB 3 is the third season of Mall Boy. The season contains 13 eleven-minute episodes. Originally, it was supposed to have 10 episodes but due to the short airing length it was upped to 13 episodes.

Main Cast

  • Mike Richards
  • Harold Richards (Mr. Richards)
  • Amy Richards (Mrs. Richards)
  • Sam Miami
  • Tristan Smith


There are 13 episodes this season, with two new ones airing a day.


  • Mall Boy Marathon: On August 26th, 2016, Mekapanema TV aired three new episodes of Mall Boy in a marathon.
Episode Description Aired Season Number Series Number
Lost in the Woods of Oakville Mike, Sam, Harold, and Amy get lost in the woods and run away from a crazy psycho. 8/24/16 1 18
The Rain Falls in Oakville A rainstorm hits the city, flooding the streets. 8/24/16 2 19
Going Out to Eat Mike and Sam go out to eat. 8/26/16

Mall Boy Marathon

3 20
Daytime Drama Mike and Sam get hooked on a soap opera called Daytime Drama. 8/26/16

Mall Boy Marathon

4 21
It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot City A massive heat wave hits Oakville. 8/26/16

Mall Boy Marathon

5 22
Oh No, Uncle Phil! Harold's brother Phil stays with the Richards, annoying Amy and Mike. 8/28/16 6 23
Mass Chaos The elderly go crazy when their supermarket closes down. 8/28/16 7 24
Preparing to Move Mike, Sam, and Amy load the stuff into the moving truck. 8/29/16 8 25
Going Away Party The family has a going away party. 8/29/16 9 26
Pool Hangout Mike and Sam hang at the pool for the last time. 8/31/16 10 27
Pine Lake The Richards move into their lakefront property. 8/31/16 11 28
Sycamore City Welcomes You! The city welcomes the family. 9/1/16 12 29
Mike's Railroad Experience Mike walks across a dangerous railroad trestle. 9/1/16 13 30