MB 4 is the fourth season of Mall Boy. It has 10 episodes.

Main Cast

  • Mike Richards
  • Amy Richards
  • Harold Richards
  • Cindy Allen (Mike's girlfriend)


The season originally contained 7 episodes but 3 more were aired in October 2016.


  • MB 4 Special Marathon-Part 1: On September 10th, 2016, episodes 5-7 aired.
Episode Description Aired Season Number Series Number
The County Fair Mike and Cindy, his new girlfriend, visit the fair and go on rides. 9/8/16 1 31
Mugged for the Camera After being mugged one night, Cindy beats the robber up. 9/8/16 2 32
High School Drama Cindy gets picked on by her rival Wendy, and Mike shoves her down, leading to him getting detention! 9/9/16 3 33
Selling Out! Mike and Cindy open a bookstore together. 9/9/16 4 34
Revisiting Oakville Mike and Cindy travel to Oakville, where they check out the abandoned Triple Oaks Mall. 9/10/16

Marathon Pt. 1

5 35
Skipping School Mike and Cindy cut school to go shopping downtown, while a truancy officer chases them down. 9/10/16

Marathon Pt. 1

6 36
Controversy at the Art Show Mike gets detention after destroying Wendy's art. 9/10/16

Marathon Pt. 1

7 37
Gym Class Zeroes The school continues to lose at basketball until Mike signs up. 10/7/16 8 38
Talented Mike Mike joins the school talent show and wins. 10/7/16 9 39
The End of Season 4 The season finale rolls around, finally. 10/7/16 10 40


  • MB 3 was the previous season, and originally was going to have 10 episodes, but then 22 were ordered, and then the season was cut to 13 episodes. So a lot of the MB 4 episodes were originally MB 3 episodes.
  • Episodes 7-10 weren't originally planned, but on October 7th, 2016, the fourth season was brought up to 10 episodes.
  • The last three episodes aired in the middle of MB 5.