MB 5 is the fifth season of Mall Boy. It stars 4 main characters and contains 13 episodes. Mike is 15 this season and has his driving permit, and Cindy passes away this season (she comes back at the end).


Name Main character/minor character
Mike Richards Main
Cindy Allen Main
Amy Richards Main


There are 13 episodes. This season seemed to focus a bit more on school and the relationship between Mike and Cindy. It introduced a new main character, Erick Wembley. Cindy ends up passing away this season, much to Mike's dismay, however she is brought back!

Episode Description Aired Season Number Series Number
The Divorce!-Part 1 After Mike gets hurt due to Harold getting angry, Amy gets furious and divorces Harold. 10/2/16 1 41
The Divorce!-Part 2 Harold is taken to court by Amy and Mike. 10/2/16 2 42
The Aftermath Amy feels no remorse for Harold and brags about divorcing him to her book club. 10/3/16 3 43
Parents for Ethical Treatment of Armadillos Mike gets a pet armadillo that Amy hates. 10/4/16 4 44
Everybody Hates Erick-Part 1 Mike becomes the most popular kid at Sycamore City High and makes Erick, the former most popular kid jealous. So Erick beats Mike up, much to everyone's dismay.

NOTE: First appearance of Erick, a new main character.

10/4/16 5 45
Karma Can Be a Pain-Part 2 Erick gets arrested for assaulting Mike in the previous episode. 10/4/16 6 46
Oops, You Lost it Again! Mike loses his homework and tries desperately to find it before he has to go to his English class, where it's due! 10/6/16 7 47
The Big What-to-Wear Scare Cindy doesn't know what she wants to wear to the school talent show. 10/6/16 8 48
I Don't Know Why the Jailbird Sings We see Harold's life in jail. 10/7/16 9 49
Accident! When Cindy falls out of the largest tree in Sycamore City, she ends up passing away. 10/7/16 10 50
Mike's Depression Mike is depressed about what happened the day before. 10/7/16 11 51
Apocalypse 2: Electric Fence-aloo After failing to take over Oakville, the evil King Darius takes over Sycamore City by trapping everyone inside. 10/7/16 12 52
Cindy's Return The doctors manage to revive Cindy and her family and Mike are so thankful! 10/9/16 13 53