MB 6 is the sixth season of Mall Boy. It stars 4 main characters and contains 10 episodes.

Main Cast

  • Mike Richards
  • Cindy Allen
  • Amy Klein (née Richards)
  • Brandon Klein


This season contains 10 episodes.

Name Description Aired Season Code Series Code
Mall Boy's Amazing Sixth Season Amy introduces Mike to her new boyfriend, Brandon Klein.

NOTE: First appearance of Brandon

11/1/16 6-1 54
Hurricane Snowstorm A hurricane hits, but dumps snow instead of rain. 11/2/16 6-2 55
Beatdown of a Lifetime The school bully, Ryan Thawer, throws Mike through a window, causing himself to get expelled. 11/7/16 6-3 56
Permitted to Drive Cindy gets her driver's permit. 11/8/16 6-4 57
Hurricane Snowstorm's Rainy Revenge Hurricane Snowstorm returns and this time soaks the city, after covering it in snow the last time. 11/9/16 6-5 58
Boyfriend Problems Amy ignores Mike for her boyfriend. 11/10/16 6-6 59
Life of the Party Mike tries to prove he is not lame by throwing a wild party. 11/13/16 6-7 60
Free Fries Friday McDaniel's offers free large fries on Fridays for the first 15 customers, and Mike wants some. 11/13/16 6-8 61
Brandon's Fishing Trip Brandon takes Mike on a 4 week fishing/camping trip in the Moykida Mountains. 11/14/16 6-9 62
Marriage is a Lifetime Commitment Brandon and Amy get married, with Mike as ringbearer and Cindy as a bridesmaid. 11/14/16 6-10 63