MB 7 is the seventh and final season of Mall Boy. It stars 4 main characters and has 8 episodes. This is the last appearance of Brandon and Cindy.

Main Cast

  • Mike Richards
  • Amy Klein
  • Brandon Klein
  • Cindy Allen


The season contains 8 half-hour episodes.

Name Description Aired Season Code Series Code
Mike the Thief Mike steals a phone case and feels guilty. 12/4/16 7-1 64
Happiness is a Warm Cabin Mike, Brandon, Amy, and Cindy get trapped in a cabin during a snowstorm. 12/6/16 7-2 65
Paris! Mike runs amuck on a trip to Paris, France and ends up destroying Notre Dame. 12/9/16 7-3 66
Waterworks of Sycamore The water plant explodes and the city becomes buried by an ocean.

NOTE: Sam Miami makes a cameo from Oakville.

12/10/16 7-4 67
Hey J-Lo! Jennifer Lopez visits Sycamore City and visits the Klein family.

STARRING Jennifer Lopez as herself

12/10/16 7-5 68
The Fall of an Empire King Darius, after losing his empire to peasants, takes over Sycamore City and fights Mike yet again. 12/11/16 7-6 69
Mike's Detention The detention room at Sycamore City High School drives Mike crazy when he is given detention. 12/11/16 7-7 70
Lucinda Cindy's real name, Lucinda, is revealed, embarrassing her in front of the school. 12/12/16 7-8 71