Mall Boy is an animated series by Mekapanema TV, and is the second original series from the company. It replaced Camp TV and became the first new show of 2016 by Mekapanema TV to last more than 1 or 2 seasons and the first truly popular 2016 show. The show was announced by Mekapanema TV on July 5th, 2016, two days before the premiere.


Mike Richards is your average blonde-haired, brown-eyed year old teenager. He loves to hang with his family and friends and be a generally good kid. However, crazy things happen wherever he goes!


The series premiered on July 7th, 2016, and was a massive hit. 6.5 million people watched the series premiere! The audience and critics absolutely loved Mall Boy. They said it was a fresh new show from Mekapanema TV, whose two original series were still good, but they had been running for a while and something new was needed. MB 1 was rated 8.5 out of 10 stars. MB 2 was better received due to the slight change in format, rated 9.5/10 stars. The critics loved the miniseries and said Mall Boy should start doing occasional TV movies. Mekapanema TV gladly obliged to make TV movies for the show. The show released Seasons 1 and 2 into a DVD set, released August 25th, 2016. MB 3's premiere was extremely well received.

Main Cast-Season 8

Season Names

Since Mekapanema TV has tried several shows that ended up failing, the name 'Season #' was pretty standard and basic. To make the show stand out a bit more, the studio made the name 'MB #' to classify that season to Mall Boy. So, the seasons are originally named. MB stands for Mall Boy and the number is the season number of the show.


Mall Boy is most known for its significant change in format. This is each season's format description.

  • MB 1:
    • The show had Mike Richards hanging at the Triple Oaks Mall every day, much to the annoyance of the (former) manager, Mr. Kipling. Harold and Amy, his parents, had not been named yet, so they were named Mr. and Mrs. Richards. The season contained 7 episodes and each had something to do with the mall.
  • MB 2:
    • In Season 2, the mall actually shut down for good and now the show took place in Oakville, Mike's crazy city with horrifically crazy events always happening. The season had 10 episodes and did not have much to do with the mall.
  • MB 3:
    • MB 3 was the biggest change of format. The show still kinda focused on Oakville, and it focused on Mike's family more. Triple Oaks was not mentioned at all. Halfway through the season, Mike's family moved to Sycamore City and Oakville was no longer seen. The episodes seemed to get simpler and yet so much more entertaining.
  • MB 4:
    • Season 4 seemed to go back to the simpler roots from the first season, like Season 3. It also added 3 new episodes in October.
  • MB 5:
    • Season 5 became more complicated and the episodes became more complex, with difficult issues such as death. Mike Richards also became 15 this season. He will turn 16 in Season 10. Cindy died this season but returned in the finale.

DVD Releases

Individual pages coming soon.

Creation of the Series

At the time of the show's creation, Mekapanema TV was in a particularly low spot. Drama and Total Drama Survivor were their two main shows going on at the time, and both had been on for quite some time. Mekapanema TV had tried several times to start up new shows, but they only lasted a season or two. In June 2016, Mekapanema TV was at its lowest point, with not-so-well received seasons. This show was greenlit and became popular.

Status of the Show

On February 10th, 2017, Drama's renewal for Seasons 18-20 was cancelled, and Drama was officially ended for good, after airing its last episode in November 2016. Mekapanema TV had closed in early February and Cartoon Network Studios took Mall Boy over and began producing and animating it in-house. Currently, it is the only series by Mekapanema TV to currently be on the air, although being made by a different company now.

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