This page details the appearances of Camp Mekapanema.

Drama Pilot Edit

Camp Mekapanema appears, as Camp Woodsville. The camp only has two cabins and a fire pit in the pilot, and the location is different. It is located along Pine Lake in Northern Vermont, whereas Camp Mekapanema, the finished version, is along Pine River in Northern Maine. There's a kitchen tent with a picnic table inside, which would become the mess hall in the finished version. The Appalling Ants' team name was originally the Sadistic Jackrabbits.

Total Drama Mekapanema-Season 1 Edit

The first season was the first to have the finished version, not the prototype from the pilot. It was a more abandoned summer camp than the pilot showed. It had a mess hall, two cabins, a confession cam, and communal bathrooms. There was also a campfire pit for eliminations, but it was removed by the end of the season and replaced with a larger firepit. In the end, the camp got destroyed and sunk into the river.

Total Drama: Mekapanema's Revenge-Season 7 Edit

Camp Mekapanema makes its second appearance for an entire season in Drama. This time around, Mekapanema is a death trap. Since it sank, it had to be lifted, and the camp was all wrecked. The buildings are damaged, with scaffolding showing around the roofs. The mess hall windows are smashed, and cabin roofs have toxic waste barrels on them. The cabin doors fell off, and the dodgeball stadium made from glass is all shattered. There is now a stage but it's falling apart. The grass is overgrown and uncut. The camp was won by Amy when she won the season.

TDS: Second Chance (Total Drama Survivor Season 4) Edit

Mekapanema's first appearance outside of Drama is in TDS Season 4. Kristin and DJ face off in the finale. The camp is more overgrown and damaged, with owner Amy watching in delight as the two fight. DJ's boat smashed the dock and camp sign, destroying them. Kristin's boat came crashing down and destroyed the firepit.

Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa-Season 10 Edit

In the TV movie Chef's "Vacation", Chef is kidnapped and taken to Citiesburg, out behind the camp. The camp sign gets smashed by the truck used to kidnap him. They then do donuts in the grass before knocking a cabin wall down. The driver then smashes part of the dodgeball court. Amy, the owner of the camp, is nowhere to be found.

Total Drama: Veterans vs. Rookies-Season 15 Edit

The camp is the main location for this season. The only changes made to the camp were two large, artificial cliffs and a glowing 'M' on Mt. Seaberry to stand for Mekapanema. In the end, Mekapanema caught fire and burnt completely down.

Total Drama: American All-Stars-Season 20 Edit

The camp is set to be rebuilt for Season 20.

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