Here is a history of Mekapanema TV.

History Edit

The studio was founded on July 23rd, 2015, with the first episode of their first series airing that day. The episode was called Thyme After Time and it was the first episode of the wildly-popular series, Drama (then known as Totally Dramatic). The first season, Total Drama Mekapanema, was wildly successful and on August 10th, 2015, the show was renewed for a second season, Total Drama: Frye Island. This season, there were 22 episodes instead of last season's 17. After the third season, Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain, before the start of the fourth, Mekapanema TV launched their second series, Total Drama Survivor. It aired one season of 18 episodes and a second but it got cancelled after 6 episodes. A month later, the show was renewed for a third season.

Shows Edit

Mekapanema TV has had plenty of shows, most of which didn't last long.

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