Season 2 of Fridays on Frye Island is the second season, obviously. Kiera Emerson does not appear in the season premiere, oddly.


Main Cast

Ethan Bump
Kiera Emerson


Episode Description Aired Season Code Production Code
The Return to the Island Ethan brings a friend to Frye Island in the season premiere. Kiera does not appear. 3/26/16 2-1 14
Rays of Sunlight, Buckets of Rain! A rainstorm prevents Ethan and Kiera from doing anything. 3/28/16 2-2 15
Homework on the Island A psycho destroys the cabin and scares the two. 4/3/16 2-3 16
Frye Island's Demise The island is accidentally destroyed and sunk by the two. 4/6/16 2-4 17
Island Hopping Ethan has a party in his new cabin on the island, which has been lifted up again. 5/27/16 2-5 18

Opening Sequence

The lyrics are from Barenaked Ladies' "One Little Slip." The theme song is 20 seconds long.

The camera zooms down on the island and shows Ethan and Kiera running down the dirt road. They hop into a golf cart and then they arrive at the Red-Roofed Cabin. The theme song shows the logo and then it ends.

This season was cut short to just four episodes when Cartoon Network abruptly cancelled it. However, it was revived for more episodes to finish the season on May 24th, 2016.

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