Season 3 is the third season of Fridays on Frye Island. After the show was cancelled way back in May 2016, the show was rebooted in December 2016. Kiera Emerson was not involved in this season, like Season 2.

Main Cast

  • Ethan Bump
  • Kiera Emerson


This season was ordered for 16 episodes but the show was cancelled 5 episodes in.

Name Description Aired Season Code Series Code
Summer Returns Ethan and Kiera take a small boat out to the island for the summer. 12/27/16 3-1 19
The Pool's Revenge Ethan and Kiera decide to take their new golf cart to the abandoned pool. 12/28/16 3-2 20
Bullying Attack! A bully attacks Kiera when she's trying to take the trash to the dump, causing Ethan to attack the bully. 12/29/16 3-3 21
The Storm of the Century When a massive hurricane hits the island, it becomes flooded....again. 12/30/16 3-4 22
The Community Center Ethan and Kiera go crazy and destroy the island, and end up sinking it. 1/1/17 3-5, TV Movie 23

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