Seek and Ye Shall Win is the third episode of Total Drama Mekapanema. In this episode, the cast goes to Hollywood on a scavenger hunt.


The campers are eating breakfast when Chris announces that they'll be going to Hollywood on a scavenger hunt. The jumbo jet from Total Drama World Tour lands in front of the Dining Hall and the campers board it. They all go to Hollywood, where they are assigned one object of a celebrity's to bring back. Roger's is to find Miranda Cosgrove's blender and Victoria has to find Ariana Grande's hairband. Hayden has to find the Total Drama star on the Walk of Fame and take it back to Chris. A couple of unexpected guests then arrive.....


  • Cody and Sierra appear in this episode. Cody from TDI and Sierra from TDWT.
  • Cody gets brought back from Total Drama Island when he wins Chris's secret contest to bring back one camper.
  • Hollywood, USA makes its first appearance and first mention in the series.
  • This is the second episode to only be written by one writer.