TDM Aftermath is the tenth episode of Total Drama Mekapanema and the tenth episode of the series altogether. In this aftermath special, Tristan and Bridgette (replacing Geoff) introduce the eliminated campers to the audience and talk about the show.



The first TDM Aftermath has several segments.

Truth or Hammer: 

Truth or Hammer is a classic game brought back from the Total Drama Action. An ex-contestant is asked a question and if they don't answer it honestly, they'll be slammed into by a giant hammer.

Questions from the Audience:

A few members of the viewing world will be put on web cam to ask a question to any of the contestants and they'll answer!

Izzy Speaks: 

Izzy (aka Kaleidoscope) returns from the original series to give advice to the still-competing contestants!

Trent Sings a Song: 

In this odd segment, that only lasts 2 minutes and 50 seconds, Trent sings an awkward song and then is hit by a giant hammer after only singing 30 seconds of his weird song.

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