TDS: American All-Stars is the 10th season of Total Drama Survivor and the second all-stars season. It features 11 returning all-star players to come to America for the next season.


There are 10 episodes to this season.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
America the Beautiful All 11 returning competitors arrive to Silverton. 7/22/16 Pauline 1001 110
Devon vs. Jason Devon fights Jason, who tries to become host again. 7/23/16 Cole 1002 111
Every Summit Out of Sight The competitors ride a dangerous mountain train. 7/24/16 Sky 1003 112
Let's Get Louder! A dance party forces the contestants to dance. 7/25/16 Kristin 1004 113
The Mean Queen One girl takes over the camp. 7/27/16 Zara 1005 114
All-Stars Aren't Supposed to Cry An onion-cutting challenge makes the contestants cry. 7/28/16 Ethan 1006 115
Insulator Hunting The contestants go to collect glass insulators from a live railroad, but Arnold quits before they can start. 8/1/16 Arnold 1007 116
Fire and Ice Makes Everything Nice A fire roars in Silverton and the contestants try and use ice to put it out. 8/2/16 Elyse 1008 117
America's Got Imperfections A talent show forces the final three to act creatively. 8/5/16 Tom 1009 118
The True All-Star The final two compete for the million bucks. 8/5/16 Mary: USA

Ronald: Canada

1010 119


Name Returning from Eliminated Place
Zara South Africa The Mean Queen 7th
Pauline South Africa America the Beautiful 11th
Arnold Hawaii Insulator Hunting 5th
Cole Hawaii Devon vs. Jason 10th
Elyse Panama Fire and Ice Makes Everything Nice 4th
Kristin Brazil


Second Chance


New England

Let's Get Louder! 8th
Ethan Brazil


All-Stars Aren't Supposed to Cry 6th
Ronald Brazil 1st-USA


Mary Brazil




Sky The Great North

New England

Every Summit Out of Sight 9th
Tom The Great North


America's Got Imperfections 3rd

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