TDS: Cambodia is the 11th and previously final season of Total Drama Survivor. It brings 14 teens into the game. 3 are new and the rest are returning contestants. It was rated PG due to minor swearing and plenty of censor bleeps.


There are 13 episodes this season. The finale is a two-part event celebrating the one-year anniversary of the show.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
Now Entering Cambodia All 14 teens show up in Cambodia. 9/1/16 Aaron 11-01 120
Another One Gets the Boot! Somebody gets booted off the show after being rude to everyone and refusing to do a challenge. 9/2/16 Kiera 11-02 121
Great Restorations Devon restores the show to what it once was.....and a player nobody cares about got eliminated. 9/3/16 Walter 11-03 122
Thundering But Still Challenging A huge thunderstorm makes the cast scared when they have to do a challenge outside. 9/4/16 Kayla 11-04 123
Revenge is a Dish Best Served NOW! Due to something somebody did, Kristin vows revenge on them. 9/7/16 Makenzie 11-05 124
Skydiving is Cool! The players must dive out of a helicopter over Cambodia. 9/8/16 Greg 11-06 125
Solitary Con-camp-ment One contestant is sent to isolation after failing a challenge. 9/9/16 Moana 11-07 126
Sugar and Spice Makes Everything FAIL! A food challenge forces the cast to eat crazy and wild foods. 9/9/16 Maria 11-08 127
This is a Literal Platformer A series of platforms makes the challenge into a jumping one. 9/10/16 Mitchell 11-09 128
Eavesdropping Helps You Survive Someone eavesdrops on somebody's conversation and learns some information. 9/10/16 Kristin 11-10 129
How About a Feast? The cast has a feast to celebrate the end of the season. 9/10/16 Ron 11-11 130
Happy 1 Year, TDS! Part 1 Total Drama Survivor celebrates its 1-year anniversary with the two-part finale. 9/11/16 Margaret 11-12, 1 Year Anniversary Special 131
Happy 1 Year, TDS! Part 2 The final two try to win the $1,000,000. 9/11/16 Nicholas (Canada)

Andrew (USA)

11-13, 1 Year Anniversary Special 132

Elimination Music

This season, the song 'South Pacific Island II' from SpongeBob SquarePants, is used for the elimination music.


Name Members Formed Disbanded
Cambodian Alliance Andrew and Kristin Another One Gets the Boot!-Episode 2 Eavesdropping Helps You Survive-Episode 10 (Kristin's elimination)


Name Returning from Eliminated Place
Aaron New Now Entering Cambodia 14th
Kayla New Thundering But Still Challenging 11th
Maria New Sugar and Spice Makes Everything FAIL! 7th
Ron Hawaii How About a Feast? 4th
Andrew Hawaii WINNER-Canada 1st/2nd
Makenzie Panama

New England

Revenge is a Dish Best Served NOW! 10th
Kristin Brazil


Second Chance


New England

American All-Stars

Eavesdropping Helps You Survive 5th
Mitchell The Great North This is a Literal Platformer 6th
Kiera Brazil


Another One Gets the Boot! 13th
Nicholas Brazil WINNER-USA 1st/2nd
Walter The Great North Great Restorations 12th
Margaret Panama Happy 1 Year, TDS!-Part 1 3rd
Moana Hawaii Solitary Con-camp-ment 8th
Greg Hawaii Skydiving is Cool! 9th


It is noticeable that minor swearing came back this season. The first season of TDS would have words like 'hell' in the episodes, but that went away as seasons went on. This season, as the show restored itself to what it once was, the minor swearing came back.

  • In the episode 'Another One Gets the Boot!,' Kiera swears at everyone and each time it is censored, due to the swears being major bad words. But at Dramatic Council, Moana tells Kiera nobody gives a 'damn' about her, and since that word isn't that bad, it's unedited.