TDS: China is Season 2 of Total Drama Survivor. This season, the name has been shortened to just TDS.


Welcome to TDS: China! Our name has been shortened to initials and the location, if you haven't already noticed. 14 new competitors will be marooned somewhere in China, on the Yangtze River! 14 thrilling episodes! See what happens this season on Total! Drama! Survivor!

UPDATE: The show has been cancelled through the season. Sorry about that.


Episode Description Airdate Eliminated/Team Place Season Code Series Code
Chinatown is a Country The 14 new competitors come to China for their $1,000,000 season! 10/20/15 Noah, Yangtze Tribe 14th 2-01 18
Rainy Days and Tuesdays It's a downpour and Devon makes the competitors run in it. 10/22/15 Emma, China Tribe 13th 2-02 19
Chopsticks The contestants have an eating challenge. 10/23/15 Rachel, China Tribe 12th 2-03 20
The Final Survivor The contestants have to outlast each other in a battle of the sexes. 10/27/15 Eric, Yangtze Tribe 11th 2-04 21
Make It Last It's time for a timed challenge! 10/28/15 Jon, Yangtze Tribe 10th 2-05 22
The Finale Original series finale, no longer the finale. 10/31/15 Nobody N/A 2-06 23


Yangtze Tribe: 

Jonathan: eliminated



Noah: eliminated




China Tribe: 





Rachel: eliminated


Emma: eliminated

Changes in this season

Compared to Total Drama Survivor: Brazil, this season has had many changes.

  • Dramatic Council: Originally, the council scene lasted a bit, and it showed each contestant showing the camera who they voted for. This season, the camera cuts to the contestants sitting around the fire, and Devon just skips to counting the votes and eliminating that person who has the most. This cutoff was done intentionally to add more suspense as to who was getting the boot.
  • Main Antagonist: Last season, there was no official antagonist of the season. This season, the main antagonist is Reid, who is faking his way through the game and eliminating people as he goes.

Season Facts/Trivia

  • This is the first season to use the abbreviated title (TDS: China) instead of Total Drama Survivor: China. The new logo says TDS: China as well.
  • Dramatic Council is now cut short in this season. Last season, the contestants actually told the camera and viewers who they voted for. Now, Devon just goes to tally the votes and says who's eliminated.
  • Unlike the previous season, this season has no non-elimination episodes, instead has 14 eliminations.
  • This is the first season to have remastered Flash animation in 2440p HD, making the characters smoother and the animation higher quality.
  • This is the only season so far cancelled while airing.