TDS: France is the 12th season of Total Drama Survivor. It aired after about 2 years of hiatus.


Bonjour, mon amis! 11 contestants are being shipped off to France for a wild, crazy, and disgusting time surviving each day. With your host, Devon, anything can happen. However, it's girls vs. boys in this season!


There are 10 episodes.

Name Description Aired Season Code Series Number
C'est La Première!

(It's the Premiere!)

The 11 contestants are split into two tribes: boys and girls.


10/1/18 1201 133
It's Eiffel High The challenge is to race to the top of the Eiffel tower. 10/2/18 1202 134
Catacomb, More Like a Tomb! The Catacombs of Paris are the next destination for our teams. 10/3/18 1203 135
Amazing Place There's a boating challenge on the Seine River. 10/4/18 1204 136
Croissants and Merges An eating challenge brings out the insides of our contestants. 10/5/18 1205, MERGER 137
10/6/18 1206 138
10/7/18 1207 139
10/8/18 1208 140
10/9/18 1209 141
C'est La Finale!

(It's the Finale!)

It's the epic final two finale! 10/10/18 1210 142


Tribe Contestant Eliminated Place
Girls Erin
Girls Darla
Girls Kristin
Girls Alana
Boys Bob
Boys Ben
Boys Nolan
Boys Jonah
Boys Conner
Boys Shay
Boys Jakob


  • This is the first season to air in 2018.
  • France is the first boys vs. girls season.