TDS: Hawaii is the 8th season of the reality show, Total Drama Survivor. It was confirmed on May 22nd and it began the next day, after the series was put on a two-month hiatus. It brought 14 brand new contestants in to play the game.


After a long break, the new host, Jason, brings 14 BRAND NEW teenagers to beautiful, sunny Hawaii, where they'll compete for the grand prize: $500,000!


Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
Back to the Show After a long break, the show returns with 14 brand new contestants and a brand new host as well! 5/23/16 Andrew 8-1 87
Where the Palm Trees Sway.... The challenge is to climb the palm trees for stuff at the top. 5/24/16 Traci 8-2 88
3...2...1....Ocean! A surfing challenge proves difficult for the contestants. 5/25/16 Sammy 8-3 89
Hunger Sets In Without a challenge, Wendell proves himself to be useless by refusing to help the rest of the contestants find food. 5/26/16 Wendell 8-4 90
Mountain Climbing Can Be Fun.... The title says the challenge already. 5/28/16 Moana 8-5 91
Pineapples and Sugar The prize for the challenge is a dish of pineapple and sugar, which is delicious! 5/29/16 Cole 8-6 92
Happy Belated Memorial Day The cast watch a beautiful Memorial Day Parade, complete with fireworks. 5/31/16 Ron 8-7 93
Hawaiian Rhapsody The cast are forced to dance. 6/1/16 Greg 8-8 94
Emergency! Someone is medically evacuated from the game after collapsing. 6/3/16 Colby (medically evacuated) 8-9 95
I Took a Bill in America Jason and the cast are charged for damaging Hawaii. 6/5/16 Emilie 8-10 96
Volcanic Eruption! A volcano erupts and the cast surf down the lava. 6/6/16 Quinn 8-11 97
I Cannot Lose Somebody tries hard to get into the final two. 6/7/16 Suzy 8-12 98
Take a Coconut for the Road A coconut pelting challenge injures the final few contestants. 6/8/16 Arnold (USA)

Angel (Canada)

8-13, 8-Finale 99

Winner (USA): Angel

Winner (Canada): Arnold


Once again, there are no tribes, and everyone must fend for themselves.

Contestant Eliminated Place
Wendell Hunger Sets In 11th
Moana Mountain Climbing Can Be Fun.... 10th
Andrew Back to the Show 14th
Suzy I Cannot Lose 3rd
Sammy 3...2...1...Ocean! 12th
Greg Hawaiian Rhapsody 7th
Quinn Volcanic Eruption! 4th
Cole Pineapples and Sugar 9th
Traci Where the Palm Trees Sway.... 13th
Colby Emergency! 6th
Emilie I Took a Bill in America 5th
Arnold Take a Coconut for the Road (USA)

None (Canada)

2nd (USA)

1st (Canada)

Angel Take a Coconut for the Road (Canada)

None (USA)

2nd (Canada)

1st (USA)

Ron Happy Belated Memorial Day 8th


  • This season premiered over two months later than the previous season.
  • This is the first season hosted by Jason.
  • This is the first season to have a prize less than $1,000,000---this season, the prize is only $500,000.