TDS: New England is the 7th season of Total Drama Survivor. This season, the coast of Maine is the location. Specifically, the cabins are at the rocky Pemaquid Point.


There are 13 episodes and 14 contestants.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
On the Coast of Maine The 14 castaways are introduced to Belfast, Maine, where they'll spend their time. Their first ocean challenge occurs as well. 2/25/16 Scott, Team Lobster 7-1 74
Braves and Waves The contestants must brave a giant wave or face being sent to Dramatic Council. 2/26/16 Alexander, Team Lobster 7-2 75
I Love You, Pemaquid Point! One contestant goes crazy and is promptly eliminated. 2/28/16 Makenzie, Team Clam 7-3 76
Hurricane Sally Strikes A wild hurricane slams Pemaquid Point, destroying one team's cabin. 2/29/16 Kristin, Team Clam 7-4 77
Third Time's a Losing Charm Team Clam loses yet another challenge, third time in a row. 2/29/16 Caleb, Team Clam 7-5 78
The Bell Doesn't Dissolve You.... The teams dissolve and are forced to hang out together. 3/2/16 Janet 7-6, Team Merger 79
Scare Factor The cast must face their greatest fears. 3/3/16 Alyssa 7-7 80
Runaway Elsa After finding out she's going home next, Elsa runs away. 3/4/16 Elsa 7-8 81
American Idol Search After finding out that Winston has the idol, Carrie steals it and hides it where Katarina can find it, then does some sneaky work at Dramatic Council. 3/5/16 Winston 7-9 82
The Showdown An epic showdown between Devon and a contestant creates drama. 3/6/16 Tyler 7-10 83
Final Three, I Think Not! In a skydiving challenge, the final four compete to get in the final three. 3/7/16 Carrie (drowns) 7-11 84
Another Elimination The next contestant is sent packing, cementing the final two. 3/8/16 Max 7-12 85
The Amazing Million The final two compete for the $1,000,000. 3/8/16 Sky (Canada)

Katarina (USA)

7-13, 7-Finale 86

US Winner: Sky

Canada Winner: Katarina


Instead of going immediately home, like previous seasons, the cast members travel to nearby Monhegan Island, where they will relax and be pampered until the season ends.


The only alliance was Makenzie and Caleb's alliance, but it was disbanded quickly due to an argument.

Alliance Name Members Formed Disbanded
The Double Duo of Death Makenzie and Caleb Ep. 2-Braves and Waves Ep. 3-I Love You, Pemaquid Point!


Team Lobster Returning from Eliminated Place
Sky The Great North WINNER (USA)Runner-up (Canada) 1st2nd
Janet The Great North


The Bell Doesn't Dissolve You.... 9th
Alexander The Great North Braves and Waves 13th
Elsa Second Chance Truth or Wear 7th
Scott Second Chance On the Coast of Maine 14th
Winston Panama I Refuse 6th
Alyssa Panama Scare Factor 8th
Team Clam Returning from Eliminated Place
Max Panama Another Elimination 3rd
Carrie Panama Final Three, I Think Not!

Death by drowning



Kristin Brazil


Second Chance


Hurricane Sally Strikes 11th
Tyler Panama The Showdown 5th
Katarina Panama WINNER (Canada)Runner-up (USA) 1st2nd
Caleb Brazil Third Time's a Losing Charm 10th
Makenzie Panama I Love You, Pemaquid Point! 12th


  • This is the only season to feature a death of a main character, in this case, Carrie. She dies due to drowning after her parachute fails in Final Three, I Think Not!