TDS: Second Chance is Season 4 of Total Drama Survivor. This season, 11 old competitors from Season 2 and 3 brand new contestants return to compete in a fair, 13 episode season.


Just like last season, the winners vary in the US and Canada.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Place Season Code Series Code
The Second Chance The 14 competitors are reintroduced to the audience. 12/26/15 Scott 14th 4-1 37
You're a Mean One, Mr. Reid Reid becomes the antagonist once more. 12/28/15 Elsa 13th 4-2 38
We Snare Bears It's a bear hunting challenge! 12/29/15 Reid 12th 4-3 39
Irregular Show The cast go hiking. 12/29/15 Noah 11th 4-4 40
Dancing with the Cars The cast go dancing in a roadway. 12/30/15 Eric 10th 4-5 41
Halfway There The cast have a flying challenge. 12/31/15 Gianna 9th 4-6 42
May the Course Be With You It's a dangerous obstacle course challenge. 12/31/15 Austin 8th 4-7 43
Cooking with Devon A cooking challenge goes horribly wrong. 1/1/16 Marcus 7th 4-8 44
The Devon Tyler Moore Show Devon is fired and Chris and Chef take over as the new hosts. 1/1/16 Cyndi 6th 4-9 45
Leave It to the Beavers A beaver destroys Errol's historic totem pole. 1/2/16 Emma 5th/4th 4-10 46
Take Me Out to the North Woods The cast get lost in the woods. 1/3/16 Non-elimination N/A 4-11 47
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd The final three become the final two. 1/3/16 Jon 3rd 4-12 48
Finale Shminale The obvious finale. 1/3/16 DJ (US)

Kristin (Canada)

2nd/1st 4-13, 4-Finale 49

US winner: DJ

Canada winner: Kristin


This season, there are no tribes. 14 competitors have to look out for themselves and to watch out!

Name Eliminated Place
Jon Two's Company, Three's a Crowd 3rd
Kristin Winner (Canada)Runner-Up (US) 1st (Canada)2nd (US)
Cyndi The Devon Tyler Moore Show 6th/5th
Noah Irregular Show 11th
Marcus Cooking with Devon 7th
Elsa You're a Mean One, Mr. Reid 13th
Eric Dancing with the Cars 10th
Austin May the Course Be With You 8th
Scott The Second Chance 14th
DJ Winner (US)Runner-Up (Canada) 1st (US)2nd (Canada)
Reid We Snare Bears 12th
Gianna Halfway There 9th
Emma Leave it to the Beavers 4th


  • The runner-up in the US, Kristen, also came in second in the first season she appeared in, Total Drama Survivor: Brazil.
  • Camp Mekapanema, a major location in Drama!'s Season 1 and Season 7, appeared in the finale of this season.