TDS: South Africa is Season 9 of Total Drama Survivor. It brings 11 new contestants to the game.


There are 10 episodes.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
The Heat Is Intense The brand new cast arrives. 6/22/16 Pauline 901 100
Eternal Flames A fire roars across the savanna. 6/24/16 Jakob 902 101
Air Conditioners? The cast are really hot and they want to find a place to swim. 6/26/16 Sammi 903 102
I Ain't Lion A lion chases the contestants much to Jason's delight. 6/27/16 Zara 904 103
Windy Wind The wind destroys the contestants' grass hut. 6/28/16 Randall 905 104
African Drumming The cast play some drums. 6/29/16 Simon 906 105
Disease of the Africans A terrible disease (not deadly) hits the cast. 7/1/16 Deana 907 106
Lions, Tigers, and Scares! Tigers scare the contestants. 7/2/16 Rachel 908 107
The Jason Factor Jason accidentally falls down a ravine. 7/5/16 Conner 909 108
July Comes Before Winter A snowstorm slams South Africa for some reason. 7/5/16 Destinee: USA

Shay: Canada

910, Season Finale 109


Name Eliminated Place
Deana Disease of the Africans 5th
Zara I Ain't Lion 8th

2nd (Canada)

Simon African Drumming 6th
Pauline The Heat Is Intense 11th
Jakob Eternal Flames 10th
Destinee WINNER-Canada 1st (Canada)

2nd (USA)

Conner The Jason Factor 3rd
Randall Windy Wind 7th
Sammi Air Conditioners? 9th
Rachel Lions, Tigers, and Scares! 4th