TDS: The Great North is the renewed third season of Total Drama Survivor. After a month of cancellation the third season was renewed. The season only lasted 9 days, because it was rushed to avoid ending on Christmas Eve or Christmas. So they aired a marathon, airing the last 5 episodes all together on the same day.


This season has 13 episodes. The show was renewed for another 13 episode season. The winner in the US is different in Canada, and the winner in Canada is different in the US.

Name Desc. Aired Eliminated Place Season Code Series Code
Alberta: A Frozen Wasteland The cast is introduced to the camp up north. 12/14/15 Sky, Cold Moose 14th 3-1 24
Hark the Herald Pain-gels Sing Devon forces the cast to ride bikes they built all over the dangerous icy Lake Manatee. 12/15/15 Damian, Snowy Owls 13th 3-2 25
Another One Bites the Lust....of Power! One competitor forcefully becomes the main antagonist of the season. 12/16/15 Alana, Snowy Owls 12th 3-3 26
Early Missed-mas Morning The cast build giant Christmas trees and decorate them. 12/17/15 Walter, Cold Moose 11th 3-4 27
The Biggest Earthquake Ever An earthquake rocks Canada's Rocky Mountains. 12/18/15 Whitney, Snowy Owls 10th 3-5 28
London Rocks Come Crashing Down.... The cast goes spelunking. 12/20/15 Tom 9th 3-6, 3-Merger 29
Linecraft The remaining members of the show become backstabby. 12/20/15 Leonard 8th 3-7 30
Evil Always Wins The main antagonist eliminates a threat to him. 12/22/15 Kristi 7th 3-8 31
New Fork, New Fork! The cast has an eating challenge. Only, it's really good food this time. 12/23/15


Jose 6th 3-9 32
The Ultimate Manhunt The cast's challenge is a manhunting one! 12/23/15


Ben 5th 3-10 33
The Girl Did What?? One girl is eliminated and one is framed! 12/23/15


Kelly 4th 3-11 34
Early to Bed, Early to Win!-Part 1 Part 1 of the season finale. 12/23/15


Alexander 3rd 3-12 35
Early to Bed, Early to Win!-Part 2 Part 2 of the season finale. The final two try nonchalantly to win the cash. 12/23/15


Janet (US ending), Mitchell (Canada ending) 1st/2nd 3-13, 3-Finale 36

WINNER (United States): Mitchell

WINNER (Canada): Janet


Like with any season of TDS, there will be new cast members.

Konowiw Ohows

Snowy Owls


Eliminated Place
Kelly The Girl Did What?? 4th
Damian Hark the Herald Pain-gels Sing 13th
Ben The Ultimate Manhunt 5th
Whitney The Biggest Earthquake Ever 10th
Alana Another One Bites The Lust....of Power! 12th
Leonard Linecraft 8th
Jose New Fork, New Fork! 6th
Tahkapiskaw Moswa

Cold Moose


Eliminated Place
Mitchell Winner (USA)

Early to Bed, Early to Win!-Part 2

1st (USA only)

2nd (Canada only)

Sky Alberta: A Frozen Wasteland 14th
Tom London Rocks Come Crashing Down 9th
Janet Winner (Canada)

Early to Bed, Early to Win!-Part 2 (USA)

1st (Canada only)

2nd (USA only)

Walter Early Missed-mas Morning 11th
Kristi Evil Always Wins 7th
Alexander Early to Bed, Early to Win!-Part 1 3rd

Season Facts/Trivia

  • This season fully shows an antagonist rising, in this case, Mitchell. He starts out as a petty annoyance, but by episode 8, becomes a full-blown antagonist.
  • This season shows Devon at his worst, being very sadistic and narcissistic.
  • This season is the first to show a character change in personality fully. Janet, a fashion freak, with her bookie best friend, Tom, changes. In the beginning, she was excitable and happy. As her interactions with her rival Mitchell increase, she forgets about Tom and becomes evil and tomboyish.
  • First season where there are different winners in the US and Canada.