TDS All-Stars is Season 5 of Total Drama Survivor. This season, 14 old competitors return for another season for the million. They're split into Heroes and Villains. Not to mention, they're on the most dangerous Western Canada island ever, Arawak Island!


Welcome, heroes and villains, to the next season of Total Drama Survivor!! 14 old contestants from a bunch of old seasons are back. They're in Heroes vs. Villains teams this time. They'll compete for another shot at $1,000,000! Arawak Island, the most dangerous and mountainous island in Western Canada, is the new location for the season.


Once again, there are 13 episodes. 4th and 5th places are shared by one person.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Place Season Code Series Code
Heroes vs. Villains The 14 members of the TDS cast are introduced. 1/16/16 Kiera, Team Heroes 14th 5-1 50
Trust is a One-Way Street The heroes face off against the villains. 1/18/16 Whitney, Team Villains 13th 5-2 51
Nice Guys Finish Last, Bad Guys Have a BLAST!! The challenge is to bomb the other team's sleeping quarters. 1/19/16 Jose, Team Heroes 12th 5-3 52
RMS Sinktanic On a fake cruise, the Villains sabotage the Heroes. 1/20/16 Leonard, Team Heroes 11th 5-4 53
To the Losers Go the Foils The losers are sending someone else home. 1/21/16 Janet, Ethan (Team Villains) 10th 5-5 54
The Ultimate Bungee Jump The cast goes for a bungee jumping challenge. 1/22/16 Kelly 9th 5-6, Team Merger 55
Another Alliance? Mary forms another alliance with Kristin. 1/23/16 Damian 8th 5-7 56
Four Zones and a Lake The teams must go through four zones of Arawak Island to reach Richerson Lake. 1/24/16 Mary 7th 5-8 57
Saving Private Lion The teams must sneak past sleeping lions. 1/25/16 Tom 6th 5-9 58
Arawak's Avalanche An avalanche crashes down from Mt. Avalanche. 1/26/16 Kristin 5th/4th? 5-10 59
Third Place Isn't So Bad The third place person is eliminated. 1/27/16 Delia 3rd 5-11 60
Fishing's Boring A fishing challenge bores the final two. 1/28/16 Non-elimination N/A 5-12 61
Screams, Dreams, and Teams The final two dance to decide the winner of the season. 1/28/16 Allison

Congratulations, Marcus!

1st/2nd 5-13, 5-Finale 62


This season, like the other Total Drama Survivor seasons, had alliances mentioned or formed.

Alliance Members Formed Disbanded
Brazilian Alliance Ethan



Ep. 1-Heroes vs. Villains Ep. 5-To the Losers Go the Foils
Post-Merge Alliance Mary


Ep. 7-Another Alliance? Ep. 8-Four Zones and a Lake

Heroes and Villains

Team Heroes Episode Place
Jose Nice Guys Finish Last, Bad Guys Have a BLAST!! 12th
Kiera Heroes vs. Villains 14th
Allison Screams, Dreams, and Teams 2nd
Leonard RMS Sinktanic 11th
Damian Another Alliance? 8th
Tom Saving Private Lion 6th
Kelly The Ultimate Bungee Jump 9th
Team Villains Episode Place
Kristin Arawak's Avalanche 5th/4th
Ethan To the Losers Go the Foils (double elimination) 10th
Whitney Trust is a One Way Street 13th
Mary Four Zones and a Lake 7th
Janet To the Losers Go the Foils (double elimination) 10th
Delia Third Place Isn't So Bad 3rd
Marcus WINNER 1st

Dramatic Council

For the first time since Season 3, Dramatic Council returned. It was there before, but never referred to as Dramatic Council in Season 4 or most of Season 3. The firepit involves stumps and a firepit now. In the back is a large bulletin board with the season logo painted onto it. Neon lights also string around the entire pit.


  • When Total Drama Survivor premiered back in September 2015, the show had been confirmed for 5 seasons. The show was then cancelled after only 6 episodes of the second season had aired, and it stayed cancelled from October 30th, 2015 until December 13th, 2015, and then on December 14th the show was renewed for a third season. TDS then continued after that.
  • TDS All-Stars is the first all-stars season of TDS. Season 10 would also be an all-stars season.
  • This is the last time we get to see this cast. A new cast is introduced in Season 6.