This is a list of the facts of the show Total Drama Survivor.

Total Drama Survivor: Brazil-Season 1

  • This is the first season of Studio 21's second most successful series, right after Drama!, which had already run for 3 seasons when this season came out.
  • There were the most number of TDS episodes in this season, with 17.
  • The season, the premiere season to Total Drama Survivor, had 17 episodes. Total Drama Mekapanema, the premiere season of Drama!, also had 17.
  • Kristin, an evil character in this season, would return for TDS: China, TDS: Second Chance, and TDS All-Stars.
  • This is the first and last season to be titled 'Total Drama Survivor: *location name*' The rest of the series would use TDS as the title before the season location (Example: TDS: The Great North).
  • Censorship in this season was really lax. Things that avoided being censored were 'Freakin/frickin', censor bleeps (once edited out for Drama!, left in recently), the word hell (always edited out in other shows), the word crap, and the phrase Oh my God.
  • The censorship was toned down in Seasons 2-5, as none of those phrases have been used as frequently. In Seasons 3-5, Hell has not been used as a word.
  • A very questionable line about Kristin's period was spoken by Ethan in the season finale.
    • Kristin: A hot dog? A freakin' hot dog??
    • Ethan: In case you're on your period and you get hungry!
  • In the US airing, 'In case you're on your period' was removed, and it switched from Kristin speaking to Ethan awkwardly saying '.....and you get hungry!' This was an editing error.
  • TDSB aired a crossover special with Drama!, in this case it was Total Drama Luckiamute Forest. It aired as episode 11 in this season and episode 5 in TDLF.
  • The tribe/team merger was in episode 12, way past the usual halfway merge mark. Usually, it would've merged at episode 9.
  • Total Drama Survivor: Brazil aired on Cartoon Network AND CBS in the United States, for having the words and lines mentioned above left intact and it being a direct Survivor parody.

TDS: China-Season 2

  • The season was cancelled after only 6 episodes, due to Studio 21 believing Total Drama Survivor was doing badly in ratings (it wasn't, in fact it was doing very well).
  • Nobody won in this season, due to the early and abrupt cancellation of the show.
  • The season and series (temporarily) ended on October 30th, 2015.
  • The show remained cancelled until December 14th, 2015, when Cartoon Network renewed the season for a third season.
  • This is the only Studio 21 show that was cancelled after it had already started a Season 2. Camp TV was cancelled after 26 episodes of Season 1, Life with the Aldens had 13 episodes of Season 1, and Isolation had 13 episodes in Season 1.
  • This is the first and only season of Total Drama Survivor so far to have 14 episodes. Season 1 had 17 and Seasons 3-5 had 13.
  • A few days after the original series finale, an actual, yet awkward, series finale titled 'The Finale' aired, wrapping up the show (for now).

TDS: The Great North-Season 3

  • After over a month (long for Studio 21 fanfiction series terms), the show was renewed for Season 3.
  • Originally, the title was going to be TDS: The Great White North, but the 'White' was forgotten until after the season premiered.
  • TDS: The Great North was hurried into airing from December 14th, 2015-December 23rd, 2015, to avoid airing on Christmas Eve/Christmas, or after that.
  • Thus, it is a forgettable season.
  • TDSTGN is the first season to have a new cast come into the picture. Season 6 would later do this.
  • Season 3 is the first to have a different winner in Canada than the US. The runner-up in the US would be the winner in Canada, and vice versa. This theme would continue for two more seasons.
  • The finale was a two-parter called 'Early to Bed, Early to Win!'
  • The season actually used Cree tribe names for the teams, as the season took place in Canada.
  • Devon was really sadistic and narcissistic in this season, unlike Seasons 1, 2, and 5.

TDS: Second Chance-Season 4

  • This season brought old contestants from Seasons 1-3 back, including 3 new contestants (Scott, Elsa, and Marcus).
  • Scott and Elsa would later be eliminated 14th and 13th, respectively.
  • There were no tribes in this season, unlike Seasons 1-3.
  • This is the last season in which the contestants are called castaways.
  • The show referenced Total Drama Mekapanema and Total Drama: Mekapanema's Revenge by having Camp Mekapanema be the location of the dueling battle. Amy, the new owner, who won the camp at the end of TDMR, even watches it.

TDS All-Stars-Season 5

  • This season removed the colon from the title.
  • The season aired in 1080p HD, unlike the other seasons, which aired in 720p HD.
  • This is the first heroes vs. villains season of Total Drama Survivor.
  • TDS once again brought back old contestants, this time separating them into heroes and villains teams.
  • The word 'tribe' is removed from the season, calling the tribes 'Teams.'
  • Season 10 would also be an all-stars season.
  • This is the last time you get to see this set of cast on-screen. Season 6 would bring a new cast into the picture, and the show would go from there.
  • The Dramatic Council set was redone for this season.
  • The location, Arawak Island, was rarely mentioned and not introduced in the premiere.
  • This season made the drama way less than previous ones, by having the interactions less dramatic and intense.

TDS: Panama-Season 6

  • This season only had 11 episodes with 12 contestants, shorter than any other COMPLETED season.
  • The second Drama-TDS crossover aired this season, called Exploring Ritchatakwa.
  • This is the first time two girls were the final two.

TDS: New England-Season 7

  • This is the second time two girls were the final two. The first was the previous season.
  • After the contestants got eliminated, they traveled to Monhegan Island, a nearby island, to get pampered.
  • Carrie dies drowning this season! This is the only time a contestant dies on the show.

TDS: Hawaii-Season 8

  • Originally, this season was supposed to be TDS: Egypt.
  • TDS: Hawaii aired two months after TDS: New England.
  • A brand new host, Jason, stepped in to replace Devon this season.
  • The grand prize was $500,000 instead of $1,000,000 this season.

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