The Amazing Cruise is the 16th episode of Total Drama: Frye Island and the third TV movie of Season 2. In this movie, the contestants go on a luxury cruise but things go wrong!

Summary  Edit

Chris takes the remaining cast members on a luxury cruise from Portland, Maine all the way down to The Bahamas, where they'll spend 3 days at an amazing waterpark! However, 12 miles north of The Bahamas, the ship runs aground on a rock and begins to sink. The ship starts to fall over, then the stern lifts into the air and slams down again. Eventually, the bow raises 90 degrees into the air and then falls over backwards. The ship then slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode's title was a reference to The Amazing Race, a TV show that is going into its 27th season.
  • The theme of the episode is a direct reference to "Titanic," a James Cameron movie from 1997.