Thyme After Time is the first episode of Total Drama Mekapanema, and the first episode the extremely successful series, Drama!. It aired on July 23rd, 2015. In this episode, 16 campers are introduced to Camp Mekapanema. Two characters return from the original series.


Chris McLean introduces the show, his new Total Drama spin-off series, with the same name. He gives a tour of the camp to the audience. The theme song (short version) begins and then the campers arrive, one by one. Eventually, the cooking challenge begins. The Appalling Ants and the Dangerous Dinos have to cook a chicken for Chris's tasting. Eventually, the Ants lose and have to send one camper home.


  • This is the first episode of Total Drama Mekapanema, and the first episode of the series in itself.
  • Chris McLean is once again the host, even though it's a spin-off show.