To Bridge or Not to Bridge is the ninth episode of Total Drama Mekapanema, and the ninth episode overall. In this episode, the campers bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Summary Edit

Chris pairs the contestants into teams of two, like a similar challenge. Ophelia's secret fear, heights, is revealed when she is forced to bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge by Chris. The campers look for the only key in the water that unlocks anything. The key will unlock the door to the luxury bus, which one of the winners will then drive back to camp. The others will have to take a rickety plane and skydive!

Trivia Edit

  • Nobody was actually eliminated, but due to Bodhi's severe injuries he was taken off the show.
  • This is a rare moment where Chris actually shows compassion by commanding the intern to land the plane and rushing to see if Bodhi was alright.
  • The Mess Hall was destroyed in another episode. Again it was destroyed here but in a way more extreme way!