Total Drama: Blackstone Valley is Season 13 of Drama. 11 returning teenagers arrive to compete.


Hey, fans! 11 returning teenagers arrive at Blackstone Valley to compete for the sought-after $1,000,000.


There are 10 episodes to the season, the fewest of any Drama season. Cartoon Network and Mekapanema TV wanted the season to be shorter, due to the launch of Mekapanema TV's new show, Mall Boy.

Episode Description Aired Eliminated Season Episode Series Episode
Blackstone: Home of the Black Stones The 11 returning contestants arrive. 7/10/16 Troy 1301 193
One Crawl Away The cast must crawl through a cave system to reach Claire. 7/11/16 Nevin 1302 194
Host from the Black Lagoon Claire dresses up as a monster and scares the cast until Marissa knocks her out. 7/12/16 Kelly 1303 195
Blackstone Valley's Got Talent (TV Movie) Claire, Marissa, Chris, and Chef judge a talent show put on by the contestants. 7/13/16 Stan 1304, TV Movie 196, Movie
TDBV Aftermath Mariah and Louis appear in the season's first aftermath. 7/14/16 Savannah 1305 197
The Edge of Door-y Claire locks the contestants in a room to survive. 7/15/16 Steve 1306 198
Choke-A Cola Sodas are handed out by Claire, however they are spiked with laxatives as a prank. 7/16/16 Xavier 1307 199
TDBV Aftermath 2 Mariah and Louis discuss the season again.

200th Episode

7/17/16 Wesley 1308 200
Almost to the Finish Line A race occurs. 7/18/16 Sugar 1309 201
Bye-Bye, Blackstone! During the final challenge, something unexpected happens. 7/19/16 Miriam: USA

Julie: Canada

1310, Season Finale 202


Name Returning from Eliminated Place
Wesley Sunset Mountains TDBV Aftermath 2 4th
Miriam Luckiamute Forest WINNER-CanadaRunner-up: USA 1st


Troy Omiyosiw Mountain Blackstone: Home of the Black Stones 11th
Sugar Antagonists Almost to the Finish Line 3rd
Stan Katawasisin Island Blackstone Valley's Got Talent 8th
Kelly Katawasisin Island Host from the Black Lagoon 9th
Xavier Thunder Falls Choke-A Cola 5th
Savannah Thunder Falls TDBV Aftermath 7th
Nevin Katawasisin Island One Crawl Away 10th
Julie Luckiamute Forest

Camp Ritchatakwa

WINNER-USARunner-up: Canada 1st


Steve Luckiamute Forest The Edge of Door-y 6th