Total Drama: Camp Ritchatakwa is the tenth season of Drama. This season, the cast from Total Drama: Sunset Mountains returns. Two of the cast members do not return and are replaced with new campers.

Host Change

This season, Claire went on vacation and let Chef Hatchet be the host of the season. Claire would return in Season 11.


There are 14 competitors, all the ones returning from the previous season.

Episode Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
Camping is Fun-Part 1 The 14 returning competitors arrive at Camp Ritchatakwa and someone is eliminated even without doing a challenge. 2/11/16 Sophia, Headless Horses 10-1 152
Camping is Fun-Part 2 The very first challenge occurs. 2/13/16 Alex, Headless Horses 10-2 153
One Flew Over the Lake A hanggliding challenge scares the contestants. 2/14/16 Julie, Laughing Lions 10-3 154
Hello, Can You Fear Me? Chef disguises himself as a murderer to scare the campers. 2/15/16 Irwin, Laughing Lions 10-4 155
Stuff Your Face! An eating challenge has the teams stuffed. 2/16/16 Joseph, Laughing Lions 10-5 156
Chef's "Vacation" TV Movie Chef gets kidnapped and taken to Camp Mekapanema and Citiesburg (locations from Season 1)! 2/17/16 Jade, Headless Horses 10-6, TV Movie 157
A Treasure Hunt Chef hides the contestants' stuff everywhere and forces them to look for it. 2/18/16 Susan 10-7, Team Merger 158
Chef's Roadkill Puree It's a hide and seek challenge. Whoever Chef finds, he blasts with his special roadkill puree drink. 2/19/16 Norman 10-8 159
TDCR Aftermath: The New Host Tristan and Bridgette discuss the season so far. 2/22/16 Kenan 10-9 160
The Whining The cast keep whining about the freezing weather. 2/23/16 Annie 10-10 161
So Much Hatred The cast begin to hate one another. 2/24/16 Quinn 10-11 162
Nate's Sneaky Alliance After Nate tries to form an alliance with Dan, and Dan turns on him, Nate goes insane and tries to kill the remaining two. 2/25/16 Nate 10-12 163
TDCR Aftermath II: Bridgette's Revenge After learning Tristan cheated on her, Bridgette gets sweet revenge on him. 2/26/16 Non-elimination 10-13 164
No Pain, No Million Dollar Gain The final challenge happens to be a dance-off. Brydon and Dan have to out-dance the other and win the season. It's also the last time Chef Hatchet is host. 2/26/16 Brydon

Dan (winner)

10-14, 10-Finale 165

Opening Sequence



I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!!

Whistling *I wanna be famous*

VIDEO: The camera pops out of a tree, an eagle's nest, and a totem pole carving. A clapperboard slams down in front of the camera. The camera then zips down to the mess hall, where Chef is forcing Annie and Brydon to eat crappy food while they try to escape. The camera pans outside, where Julie is dancing and Susan is watching. Julie gets hit by a book and Susan laughs. Alex glares at her. He grabs her book and throws it into the air, causing the camera to pan up into the sky. The camera pans down to see the book as it comes crashing down into Alex's soup in the main lodge. After this, the camera races to the campfire. Everyone is there, whistling the end of the theme. Alex is looking uncomfortable as he eats his soup as the song ends.


The confessional returns this season. Joseph is the first to use it this season. It is a small closet in the mess hall instead of an outhouse. It only returns a few times.


Nate was the only one to form an alliance, albeit rather short. Dan was the only member, but he was pretending to be in the alliance so he could turn on Nate.

Name Members Formed Disbanded
Nate's Sneaky Alliance Nate

Dan (pretending to be in the alliance)

Ep. 12-Nate's Sneaky Alliance Ep. 12-Nate's Sneaky Alliance


This season, a small plane takes the eliminated contestant away. They must walk the Runway of Shame and board the Plane of Loserdom (a reference to the Boat of Loserdom from Total Drama Mekapanema). The 'Dock of Shame' elimination music plays as the contestant exits, however it is toned down and the contestant talks over it most of the time. Sometimes it is even cut off, when Alex is eliminated, the music is cut off. Also, the dramatic tension is sometimes cut short by Chef, who immediately announces the person going home.


There are 14 competitors and one host.

STAFF Status on the show
Chef Hatchet Host and chef
Headless Horses Eliminated Place
Brydon No Pain, No Million Dollar Gain 2nd
Annie The Whining 5th
Sophia Camping is Fun-Part 1 14th
Norman Chef's Roadkill Puree 7th
Jade Chef's "Vacation" 9th
Nate Nate's Sneaky Alliance 3rd
Alex Camping is Fun-Part 2 13th
Laughing Lions Eliminated Place
Susan A Treasure Hunt 8th
Irwin Hello, Can You Fear Me? 11th
Quinn So Much Hatrid 4th
Joseph Stuff Your Face! 10th
Kenan TDCR Aftermath: The New Host 6th
Julie One Flew Over the Lake 12th


  • This season takes place at another old summer camp. The only other season to do so was Total Drama Mekapanema. Other seasons had camps, but they were built for the show and not actually an old summer camp.
  • Camp Ritchatakwa is similar to Camp Wawanakwa in many ways, like the native feel and the rundown buildings. It even has the 'akwa' at the end of the name, same as Wawanakwa.
  • This season is way more serious and like Total Drama Island, it has a lot of drama and the challenges aren't the main focus.
  • Marissa Davis, the co-host of Drama from Total Drama: Frye Island-onward, does not appear this season, making it one of the rare times she doesn't make at least a small appearance in the New Era.
  • Julie, a contestant from Season 4, appeared again as a contestant this season.

References to other seasons/shows

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