Total Drama: Frye Island is the second season of Drama. The host was Chris McLean and the co-host was Marissa Davis, a new cook.

Episode List

All the episodes of TDFI are here! Like Season 1, two episodes will air a day. The lengths of the TDM episodes were 24 minutes, and now the lengths of the episodes are 21 minutes.

For the type of episode, here's the key:

TV Movie: 44+ minutes

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Welcome to the Island, Part 1 The campers are introduced. 8/12/15 9/6/18 2-1 18
Welcome to the Island, Part 2 The campers have their first challenge. 8/12/15 9/7/18 2-2 19
Cops and Robbers The campers do a cops and robbers style challenge. 8/13/15 9/8/18 2-3 20
Pain Pain, Go Away The campers have to do a blind trust challenge. 8/13/15 9/9/18 2-4 21
902-Whuh-oh! The contestants mock a popular TV show as part of a challenge. 8/17/15 9/10/18 2-5 22
Total Drama Dirtbags Chris threatens to replace the contestants if they don't do his extreme underground challenge. 8/17/15 9/11/18 2-6 23
Battle for Frye Island-TV Movie An epic war destroys Frye Island! 8/18/15 9/12/18 2-7, TV Movie 24
The Ridonculous Island TDFI and The Ridonculous Race create a spin-off series, and everyone meets each other. 8/18/15 9/13/18 2-8 25
And the Home of the Frye-d Chicken Chris holds a food eating competition. 8/19/15 9/14/18 2-9 26
Aliens from the Attic The contestants do an alien challenge. 8/19/15 9/15/18 2-10 27
Do You Wanna Build a Rockman? The contestants have to build a huge rock tower without it tipping over. 8/20/15 9/16/18 2-11 28
I Hate Fame The contestants see what it's like to have paparazzi stalk them 24/7. 8/22/15 9/17/18 2-12 29
Friday the 13th The contestants try their luck at some dangerous challenges. 8/22/15 9/18/18 2-13 30
No Pain, No Electrocution The contestants have electric collars on them and if they lie to anything they say during the day, they get electrocuted. 8/23/15 9/19/18 2-14 31
The Raidy Bunch The contestants have to steal items in the theme of a 1960s TV show. 8/23/15 9/20/18 2-15 32
The Amazing Cruise-TV Movie To reward the winners of the last challenge, Chris takes everyone on a cruise. 8/24/15 9/21/18 2-16, TV Movie 33
Total Drama Marathon The contestants run a marathon. 8/25/15 9/22/18 2-17 34
Down to Earth The contestants simulate space travel. 8/25/15 9/23/18 2-18 35
The End is Near The contestants must survive a zombie apocalypse. 8/26/15 9/24/18 2-19 36
I'm Your Host, Blaineley Blaineley tells everyone she'll be taking over Season 3. 8/26/15 9/25/18 2-20 37
Hide and Meek Hide and seek challenge. 8/26/15 9/26/18 2-21 38
The Dog Days Are Over The two remaining competitors race for $1,000,000! 8/27/15 9/27/18 2-22 39

Theme Song

Episodes 1-4: 

The theme song of TDFI is the same as Total Drama Island's. The original theme song finally came back.

The camera zips up the dock and slams into Chris, knocking him over. The camera zips up Frye's Leap. Lisa and Mark are there. Eva slams a bucket down on Lisa. Mark glares at Eva and tackles her. Lisa stumbles off and splashes into Sebago Lake. Then she's chased by a shark. The camera zooms back to Camp Frye, where Harold is swinging his nunchucks. He hits himself in the kiwis and knocks himself down. The camera shows Chris getting up and the camera knocks Chris down again. A bunch of cameras flash in the screen of the camera as it heads to the amphitheater. Chris is at the podium, adjusting his hair. He tosses a Gilded Chris at the screen, smashing it. The sign 'Total Drama: Frye Island' comes up as the screen flickers and dies.

Episodes 5-22:

The remixed version of TDM's theme came back for its permanent placement as the theme song for the rest of the series*.

*The theme song may change during specials and TV movies

Hide and Meek

The theme song is totally different here. The video shows flashing colorful lights and part of the original theme song's video. LYRICS

Total Drama! Total Drama! The suspense is killing me!

Total Drama! Total Drama! The lack of common sense is spilling over on me!

'Cause I wanna be famous!

The Raidy Bunch

The theme song is basically The Brady Bunch's 1960s theme song, but the lyrics are much different, as is the animation.

Killer Kangaroos

  • Beth: eliminated
  • Owen: eliminated
  • Victoria: eliminated
  • Derek: eliminated
  • Eva: eliminated
  • Scarlett: eliminated
  • Casey (boy): eliminated
  • Lisa: eliminated
  • Mike: eliminated
  • Katie: eliminated

Elimination Chart (for both teams)

  • Here is the brand new, updated elimination chart. This is way more efficient than having one chart per team.
Episode Eliminated Camper and Team Name Place
Welcome to the Island-Part 1 N/A None
Welcome to the Island-Part 2 Noah, Crawling Camels 22nd
Cops and Robbers Tristan, Crawling Camels 21st
Pain Pain, Go Away Lisa, Killer Kangaroos 20th
902-Whuh-oh! Eva, Killer Kangaroos 19th
Total Drama Dirtbags Jackie, Crawling Camels 18th
Battle for Frye Island *TV Movie #2* Casey, Killer Kangaroos 17th
The Ridonculous Island Owen, Killer Kangaroos 16th
And The Home of the Frye-d Chicken Jen, Crawling Camels 15th
Aliens in the Attic DJ, Crawling Camels 14th
Do You Wanna Build a Rockman? Amy, Crawling Camels 13th
I Hate Fame Derek, Killer Kangaroos 12th
Friday the 13th Mike, Killer Kangaroos 11th
No Pain, No Electrocution *team merger* Harold 10th
The Raidy Bunch Beth 9th
The Amazing Cruise *TV Movie #3* Christopher 8th
Total Drama Marathon Victoria 7th
Down to Earth Scarlett 6th
The End is Near Ricky 5th
I'm Your Host, Blaineley Wendy 4th
Hide and Meek Nick 3rd
The Dog Days Are Over *Season finale* Katie 2nd

Crawling Camels

  • Jen: Eliminated
  • DJ: Eliminated
  • Amy: Eliminated
  • Noah: Eliminated
  • Jackie: Eliminated
  • Tristan: Eliminated
  • Christopher: Eliminated
  • Wendy: Eliminated
  • Ricky: Eliminated
  • Nick: Eliminated
  • Harold: Eliminated

New Cook

A new cook has been hired for the season. Her name is Marissa Davis and she'll be WAY nicer than Chef. She is Spanish-American and speaks with a Spanish accent. Chris gets annoyed with her because she's nice to the campers. But the network threatened to replace Chris if he threatened to fire her.