Total Drama: Greenmere Meadows is the eighth season of Drama and it's the first one to feature a new location since Total Drama: Katawasisin Island. The cast brings 7 Omiyosiw Mountain cast members and 7 Frye Island cast back.


There are 14 episodes to this season. This season is the first to bring back the 14-episode style. The last season that did that was Total Drama Antagonists.

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
The Meadows Are Alive The 14 brand new competitors come to Greenmere Meadows. 1/4/16 12/22/18 8-1 124
Butterflies and Bees The cast go butterfly hunting. 1/5/16 12/23/18 8-2 125
I Wanna Be Grassy The contestants go skydiving. 1/5/16 12/24/18 8-3 126
21st Century Drama The cast have a dueling challenge. 1/6/16 12/26/18 8-4 127
Total Drama Sea-land The cast are doing a boating challenge. 1/6/16 12/27/18 8-5 128
It's Elimination Time The worst player of the season is finally booted. 1/7/16 12/28/18 8-6, Early Team Merger 129
The Rocky Mountain Hike The cast go hiking as a challenge. 1/9/16 12/29/18 8-7 130
Dr. Tripper Beth has a panic attack. 1/10/16


12/30/18 8-8 131
Stork Raving Mad The cast have to try and cage two impatient and vicious storks that got loose. 1/10/16


12/31/18 8-9 132
Want Some Cheese With That Whine? The cast whine because of the new challenge. 1/10/16


1/1/19 8-10 133
The Abuse-ment Park A bunch of psycho rides are put up at camp and the cast ride them as part of their challenge. 1/11/16 1/2/19 8-11 134
A Breath of Cloudy Air The weather is changed (suspicious) all of a sudden and the cast have to clean up the debris as their challenge. 1/11/16 1/3/19 8-12 135
Marissa's Million Dollar Food The final two eat food by Marissa and get sleepy, as it was spiked with something. 1/12/16 1/4/19 8-13 136
The Last Hurrah! The final two, full from the previous challenge, compete for the last time for the million dollars. 1/12/16 1/5/19 8-14, 8-Finale 137


Staff Position on the show
Claire Daniels Host
Marissa Davis Camp cook and co-host
Foreign Foals

Merged early in Episode 6

Eliminated Place
Kaylee I Wanna Be Grassy 12th
Cristina It's Elimination Time 9th
Mark The Rocky Mountain Hike 8th
Mike The Meadows Are Alive 14th
Nathan 21st Century Drama 11th
Lisa The Abuse-ment Park 4th
Tristan Marissa's Million Dollar Food 3rd (after Carly returned to make the final three again)
Crazy Chimps

Merged early in Episode 6

Eliminated Place
Owen Butterflies and Bees 13th
Beth Dr. Tripper 7th
Jackie Want Some Cheese With That Whine? 5th
Griffin Stork Raving Mad 6th
Lyndon The Last Hurrah! 2nd/runner-up
Harold Total Drama Sea-land 10th
Carly A Breath of Cloudy Air (voted herself off)

Brought back in Marissa's Million Dollar Food

3rd (eliminated)

1st (brought back)


There were three alliances this season and one of them is not mentioned as an alliance, even though Studio 21 claims it is one. This season brings back the theme of alliances. There were no alliances in the previous few seasons.

  • Mark and Lisa: They came from Total Drama: Frye Island together and this season, they immediately hooked up as an unnamed alliance and helped each other without backstabbing through the season. It ended when Mark was eliminated in episode 7. The alliance totally ended when Lisa was eliminated in episode 11.
  • Griffin and Lyndon: The boys' alliance on Greenmere Meadows is this one. Griffin forms this alliance after the early merge (episode 6 merge) and recruits Lyndon. The girls are outnumbering the guys so they form it to stay safe. The alliance ended when Griffin was eliminated by Lyndon, who had invincibility, and backstabbed Griffin, in Stork Raving Mad.
  • Lyndon and Carly: They were both close to being eliminated, but in 'Want Some Cheese With That Whine?' they form an alliance to save each other's butts. They got to the final three via the alliance and eliminated Lisa to get further into the game. But, when Carly had a breakdown in A Breath of Cloudy Air, she voted herself off, and Tristan voted for her too, the alliance ended.


The confessional came back for this season. It has not appeared in any season for a major purpose, but it returned 6 episodes in for this season. It was used a few times after episode 6.


  • It is revealed that Greenmere Meadows is not real, and is actually located on a disguised movie soundstage in Vancouver, Canada!
  • For this season, the theme of a new location continues. Season 1 had Mekapanema, 2 had Frye Island, 3 had Omiyosiw Mountain, 4 had Luckiamute Forest, 5 had Gorham Middle School, 6 had Katawasisin Island, and 8 has Greenmere Meadows. The only season to not have a new location is Season 7, in which Camp Mekapanema returns.
  • This season is confirmed to take place 4 years after Total Drama Island, as Beth reveals that she is 20 years old.
  • Mark, who became a mutant in Total Drama: Frye Island, converts back to a normal-sized human this season. His hair remains green and his skin also remains blue.
  • Harold barely talks in the season, and he is eliminated due to it.
  • In the episode It's Elimination Time, where the teams get merged early, Claire makes a subtle reference to the former co-creator, Kiera Emerson, by mentioning the remaining campers will live in the "red-roofed cabin." Kiera's cabin on Frye Island was nicknamed "The Red-Roofed Cabin" due to its red metal roof.