Total Drama: Katawasisin Island is the sixth season of Drama.


Welcome to Katawasisin Island, the new location for this season of Drama!. This brand new island will feature a brand new host (not Blaineley, as suggested by last season's finale), 23 brand new contestants, and a NEW ISLAND!!! Katawasisin means 'gorgeous' in Cree language, and that's why we picked the most beautiful island in the world for our season.


This season has 26 episodes, unlike any other season.

Christmas Marathon: On Sunday, December 6th, Mekapanema TV released episodes 17-19.

Christmas Marathon-Part 2: On Tuesday, December 8th, Mekapanema TV aired episodes 21 and 22.

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Production Code Series Code
A Brand New Host The new host, Claire Daniels, is introduced. 11/10/15 11/9/18 6-01 82
I Wanna Go The contestants have an eating challenge. 11/11/15 11/10/18 6-02 83
Total Drama Protagonists The contestants put on a play. 11/13/15 11/11/18 6-03 84
Explosion! The volcano explodes and begins to destroy the teams' camps. 11/14/15 11/12/18 6-04 85
Mountain Time The teams race up Mt. Daniels. 11/16/15 11/13/18 6-05 86
Get Lost! The teams go hiking. 11/17/15 11/14/18 6-06 87
Lying for Pie The contestants take a lie test. 11/18/15 11/15/18 6-07 88
Abandoned! The campers find themselves abandoned on Reconcile Island! 11/20/15 11/16/18 6-08 89
Time for Thyme In an homage to the series' first episode, the contestants have a cooking contest. 11/20/15 11/17/18 6-09 90
Haute Katawa-ure The girl campers hold a talent show. 11/21/15 11/18/18 6-10 (Team Merger) 91
Waves and Raves-Part 1 The contestants go swimming! 11/25/15 11/19/18 6-11 92
Waves and Raves-Part 2 The contestants avoid the dangerous sharks. 11/25/15 11/20/18 6-12 93
A Dramatic Thanksgiving The cast has their Thanksgiving feast. 11/26/15 11/21/18 6-13, 6-Movie, Thanksgiving Special 2015 94
The Scare-nstain Bears The contestants try and scare a bear away from their camps. 11/29/15 11/22/18 6-14 95
Return of the Fried Chicken The contestants have a fried chicken eating contest. 11/29/15 11/23/18 6-15, 6-Movie 96
TDKI Aftermath The hosts discuss the current conditions of the island and the upcoming 100th episode. 12/5/15 11/24/18 6-16 97
Wrapped in Crap The cast decorates for Christmas. 12/6/15


11/25/18 6-17 98
Episode 99 The cast prepares for a major party. 12/6/15


11/26/18 6-18 99
The Grand 100th It's the 100th episode of Drama!, and everyone is throwing a party. 12/6/15


11/27/18 6-19 100
100 Again, Naturally The show has finally reached 100 episodes. 12/7/15 11/28/18 6-20 101
Island Time-Part 1 The cast has a rockin' island party. 12/8/15 11/29/18 6-21 102
Island Time-Part 2 The rockin' island party continues. 12/10/15 11/30/18 6-22 103
TDKI Aftermath II The second aftermath special! 12/10/15 12/1/18 6-23 104
The Eat-Off The cast have a hot dog eating challenge. 12/10/15 12/2/18 6-24 105
TDKI Recap Claire recaps the season. (the cast do not appear). 12/10/15 12/3/18 6-Recap (not counted as an episode) 105A
The Semi-Finale (TV Movie) The final two do a dangerous challenge as part as their semi-finale. Someone is brought back after being eliminated, and the new final two explore the abandoned aftermath studio. 12/11/15 12/4/18 6-25, 6-Movie 106
Who Wants to be a Fail-ionaire It's the season finale, and the final two are competing for the million bucks. 12/11/15 12/5/18 6-26, 6-Finale 107

Opening Sequence

The music is a remix of the original TDFI theme song.


Naaa I wanna be, naaa I wanna be, naaa I wanna be famous!

Naaa I wanna be, naaa I wanna be, naaa I wanna be famous!!


The camera zips up the dock and speeds through Claire's dressing room. She shoots a spray at the camera, and the scene switches to the teams. They are building two large towers out of wood. The camera swings to the left and crashes into one of the towers, knocking down the Croaking Frogs' tower. The campers look visibly shocked. The camera then pulls up to the campfire pit. Leia and Ryley are giggling together, when Claire pops up out of nowhere and sprays them with mace and grins. The whistling ends and the sign flashes.

Elimination Chart

Name Team Eliminated when? Place
Camille Deadly Snakes A Brand New Host 24th
Martha Croaking Frogs I Wanna Go 23rd
Timothy Croaking Frogs Total Drama Protagonists 22nd
Kyle Deadly Snakes Explosion! 21st
Will Deadly Snakes Mountain Time 20th
Sally Croaking Frogs Get Lost! 19th
Julia Croaking Frogs Lying for Pie 18th
Kelly Croaking Frogs Abandoned! 17th
Nevin Deadly Snakes Time for Thyme 16th
Amanda TEAM MERGER Haute Katawa-ure 15th/14th
Suzanne Merged Waves and Raves-Part 1 13th
James Merged Waves and Raves-Part 2 12th
Isaac Merged A Dramatic Thanksgiving 11th
Jayden Merged The Scare-nstain Bears 10th
Raechelle Merged Return of the Fried Chicken 9th
Stan Merged Wrapped in Crap 8th
Lizzy Merged Episode 99 7th
Ollie Merged 100 Again, Naturally 6th
Leia Merged Island Time-Part 1 5th
Davis Merged Island Time-Part 2 4th
Jason Merged TDKI Aftermath II 3rd
Aric Merged The Semi-Finale 2nd
Ryley Merged Who Wants To Be A Fail-ionaire 2nd (someone is brought back)
Timothy WINNER N/A 1st (WINNER)


There are 23 brand new cast members this season.

Name Team
Stan Croaking Frogs
Martha Croaking Frogs
Aric Croaking Frogs
Julia Croaking Frogs
James Croaking Frogs
Suzanne Croaking Frogs
Timothy (WINNER) Croaking Frogs
Sally Croaking Frogs
Kelly Croaking Frogs
Jason Croaking Frogs
Isaac Croaking Frogs
Davis Croaking Frogs
Ryley Deadly Snakes
Kyle Deadly Snakes
Raechelle Deadly Snakes
Will Deadly Snakes
Amanda Deadly Snakes
Nevin Deadly Snakes
Camille Deadly Snakes
Ollie Deadly Snakes
Lizzy Deadly Snakes
Jayden Deadly Snakes
Leia Deadly Snakes

After the Merge

Name Eliminated in which episode
Stan Wrapped in Crap
Aric The Semi-Finale
James Waves and Raves-Part 2
Suzanne Waves and Raves-Part 1
Jason TDKI Aftermath II
Isaac A Dramatic Thanksgiving
Davis Island Time-Part 2
Ryley Who Wants To Be A Fail-ionaire
Timothy WINNER
Raechelle Return of the Fried Chicken
Amanda Haute Katawa-ure
Ollie 100 Again, Naturally
Lizzy Episode 99
Jayden The Scare-nstain Bears
Leia Island Time-Part 1


  • This will be the second season to end past the 1st of the next month, the other being Total Drama Mekapanema.
  • Kiera Emerson, co-creator and a writer for Total Drama Mekapanema, Total Drama: Frye Island, and a few episodes of Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain returns halfway through the season to be a guest writer this season.
  • This season is so far the longest season of Drama, having taken 31 days to finish airing.
  • Kyle is the only remaining contestant from previous seasons that appeared in this season.