Total Drama: Lisbon Springs is the 17th season of Drama, and brings 11 returning players to Lisbon Springs, an exotic spring in Western Colorado. Blaineley O'Halloran returns as host after not hosting since Season 3.


Hey, Drama fans! A new season means a new location! Lisbon Springs, an exotic sauna spring in Western Colorado, is that location! 11 returning contestants have been brought back to compete for another million bucks! Blaineley is back as the host to add some more drama to the show!


The season, like Total Drama: Blackstone Valley, contains 10 episodes.

Name Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
This Show Never Ends The teens arrive in Lisbon Springs, and Blaineley returns. 11/20/16 4/1/19 1701 249

250th Episode Special

The 250th episode is celebrated. 11/22/16 4/2/19 1702 250
Literal Heat Loss The springs lose their heat due to Blaineley messing with it. 11/23/16 4/3/19 1703 251
One Hot Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is hot in Colorado, and somebody gets themselves eliminated. 11/24/16 4/4/19 1704, Thanksgiving Special 2016 252
Locked Out of the Mess Hall Marissa locks Blaineley out of the mess hall and thus, she gets enraged and destroys it. 11/25/16 4/5/19 1705 253
Invasion of the Money-Snatchers Wendy, already eliminated, sneaks onto the set and steals the million dollars, but gets caught by Blaineley. 11/26/16 4/6/19 1706 254
Blaineley vs. Marissa The two hosts fight when Blaineley insults Marissa and she can't take it anymore. 11/27/16 4/7/19 1707 255
Trains, Trains, and Auto-Trains A runaway train destroys the mess hall and the cabins. 11/29/16 4/8/19 1708 256
Riot on Set The cast rebuild the set after the runaway train destroyed it. 11/30/16 4/9/19 1709 257
Season Finales Are So Predictable In the season finale, the final two fight for the million (for the 17th time, and spoilers: not the last). 11/30/16 4/10/19 1710 258


There are 11 contestants returning from various previous seasons.

Name Returning from Eliminated Place
Timothy Katawasisin Island One Hot Thanksgiving 8th
Aric Katawasisin Island

Revenge of the Antagonists

Blaineley vs. Marissa 5th
Jared Omiyosiw Mountain 250 10th
Wendy Frye Island

Outer Space

This Show Never Ends 11th
Samantha Omiyosiw Mountain Locked Out of the Mess Hall 7th
Martha Katawasisin Island Literal Heat Loss 9th
Dan Sunset Mountains

Camp Ritchatakwa

Trains, Trains, and Auto-Trains 4th
Raymond Thunder Falls Invasion of the Money-Snatchers 6th
Howie The Crazy Cruise Riot on Set 3rd
Hayden Mekapanema

Mekapanema's Revenge

Season Finales Are So Predictable 2nd
Dawn Mekapanema


Mekapanema's Revenge