Total Drama: Mekapanema's Revenge is the seventh season of Drama. Originally, it was planned to be Season 8 but was changed to Season 7 due to audience demand. Claire is once again hosting.


Ah, Camp Mekapanema. A serene and peaceful camp in the woods of Maine. NOT ANYMORE!! The camp's been totally redone..... When Chris sold the summer camp, it was used as a spot for toxic waste dumping. Then Claire bought it back and now the camp's ruined and overgrown. The buildings are all messed up, and the environment around the camp was destroyed and made artificial. So, Camp Mekapanema will be very different than it was in Season 1! Find out here on Total! Drama! MEKAPANEMA'S REVENGE!!


There are 16 episodes to the season.

Name Description Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
I Love Toxic Waste! The 16 TDM contestants come back for some loved challenges. NOT. 12/20/15 Jen, Toxic Tigers 7-1 108
Dodge-wall The competitors have a relay race--through a bomb-filled field. 12/22/15 George, Radioactive Rhinos 7-2 109
Truth or Flair The cast have a talent show. 12/23/15 Courtney, Radioactive Rhinos 7-3 110
Do They Know It's Danger Time? The cast do a dangerous mining challenge. 12/24/15 Victoria, Radioactive Rhinos 7-4 111
Lovers' Leap The campers have to dive off the highest cliff into a pool of jelly. 12/26/15 Derek, Toxic Tigers 7-5 112
We Are The Losers One team proves they suck by losing yet another challenge. 12/27/15


Ophelia, Toxic Tigers 7-6 113
Dial M for Mekapanema Camp Mekapanema has a destructive new security guard. 12/27/15


Roger, Radioactive Rhinos 7-7 114
What a Merge! The teams merge and someone is eliminated. 12/27/15


Peter 7-8, Team Merger 115
The Muddy and Tired Race The cast have a muddy challenge. 12/28/15 Dawn 7-9 116
Walking in a Winter Blunderland Claire and the cast wake up to find the camp buried in 3 feet of snow. 12/29/15 Sam 7-10 117
Alone Again, Unnaturally A hide and seek challenge with slapping involved gets Nick eliminated. 12/30/15 Nick 7-11 118
Nice to Eat You! The cast go swimming with sharks. 12/30/15 Sadie (disqualified) 7-12 119
The Polar Cap Express The cast go and do a weird challenge. 12/31/15


Bob 7-13 120
Digging for Bunkers The final three go digging underground. 12/31/15


Non-elimination 7-14 121
The Finale Awaits The final three try to get to the final two. 12/31/15


Hayden 7-15 122
Mekapanema Says Goodbye The camp, once sunk and once again risen, has its last appearance of the season. The final two compete for the cash. 12/31/15





7-16, 7-Finale 123


The Mekapanema cast is returning!! There are 16 contestants.

NOTE: Cody, the winner of TDM, did not return this season, and Nick, from Total Drama: Frye Island, took his spot.

Toxic Tigers

Merged episode 8

Eliminated Place
Dawn The Muddy and Tired Race 8th
Courtney Truth or Flair 14th
Sam Walking in a Winter Blunderland 7th
Ophelia We Are The Losers 11th
Derek Lovers' Leap 12th
Bodhi Mekapanema Says Goodbye 2nd
Nick Alone Again, Unnaturally 6th
Jen I Love Toxic Waste! 16th
Radioactive Rhinos

Merged episode 8

Eliminated Place
Sadie Nice to Eat You! (disqualified due to medical reasons) 5th
Bob The Polar Cap Express 4th
George Dodge-wall 15th
Roger Dial M for Mekapanema 10th
Hayden The Finale Awaits 3rd
Victoria Do They Know It's Danger Time? 13th
Peter What a Merge! 9th

Opening Sequence

MUSIC: I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!!

*Whistling* I wanna be famous.

The camera speeds past the Mekapanema sign, now half-destroyed, and speeds up the half-destroyed stairs. It turns to the right and speeds down the center aisle, between the cabins. It knocks Victoria over and Hayden is looking surprised. The camera then swerves and arrives at the amphitheater. Claire is up there, dancing in front of the cast. A microphone then falls and knocks her off stage. The camera switches angles. All the campers are sitting in the toxic bleachers and then they whistle the ending.

Season Facts/Trivia

  • This marks the second major appearance of Camp Mekapanema, the first being in its namesake season.
  • This marks the first time most of the cast return. Jen was added to the Toxic Tigers, and Cody was cut from the Radioactive Rhinos. There was a counting error, and Team 1 on TDM had 9 people and Team 2 had 7, which wasn't even.
  • TDMR is known as the "Christmas Season," as it took place in the week of Christmas 2015. And a lot of the challenges and episode names have something to do with winter or Christmas.
  • This season had 16 episodes, just like its predecessor, Total Drama Mekapanema, was supposed to.