Total Drama: Omiyosiw Mountain is the third season of Drama. 14 new competitors arrive to compete.


There will be a new host. She's Blaineley from the TDA Aftermaths, Celebrity Manhunt, and the TDWT Aftermaths. Also, there will be 14 new competitors doing crazy challenges!


The season will take place at the base of a fictional mountain called Omiyosiw Mountain in Colorado, USA. The town/city that the mountain is in is not revealed for the entirety of the season.


Below is the list of episodes!

Unlike TDM and TDFI, Omiyosiw Mountain's episodes air by themselves. They do not have sister episodes, unlike Seasons 1 and 2. The only exception is 'Pay the Price' and 'The Freak Storm,' where they aired together as a premiere to the season.

Season 3 will have one TV movie, unlike Seasons 1 and 2, as the season only has 14 episodes.

Episode Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Eliminated Season Code Series Code
Pay the Price The contestants are introduced to

Omiyosiw Mountain and Camp Mosis.

8/28/15 9/28/18 Lyndon 3-01 40
The Freak Storm When a freak storm hits camp, the contestants do a dangerous relay race. 8/28/15 9/29/18 Cristina 3-02 41
Hawaiian Lunch The contestants are flown to Hawaii, and they have to make a decent lunch for the residents. 8/29/15 9/30/18 Nathan 3-03 42
Take to the Seas! The contestants do a swimming challenge. 8/30/15 10/1/18 Jessie 3-04 43
Adrift at the Lake *TV Movie #1* When the contestants are doing a boat challenge, they get stranded on the lake! 8/31/15 10/2/18 Carly 3-05, 3-Movie 44
Total Drama Survivor Survivor preempts Total Drama! 9/2/15 10/3/18 Kaylee 3-06 45
The Landon Hills *team merger* The contestants do a hiking challenge across the ridge of mountains. 9/3/15 10/4/18 Griffin 3-07 46
Omiyosiw Olympics The contestants do an Olympic-style challenge. 9/4/15 10/5/18 Emily 3-08 47
Hurricane Blaineley A hurricane nearly destroys Camp Mosis. 9/5/15 10/6/18 Tracy 3-09 48
The Dance-Off The contestants have a dancing competition. 9/6/15 10/7/18 Jared 3-10 49
Happy 50th Episode! The contestants throw a wicked party. 9/7/15, 50th Episode Special 10/8/18 Joe 3-11 50
Back to the Past The contestants do an 1800s style challenge and aren't allowed to use anything modern or wear modern clothes. 9/8/15 10/9/18 Samantha 3-12 51
Homeward Bound The contestants are asked embarrassing questions by Blaineley. 9/9/15 10/10/18 Darren 3-13 52
The Awesome Summer The finals come around and the final two battle it out for the grand prize! 9/10/15 10/11/18 Troy 3-14, 3-Finale 53

Season 3 Elimination Chart

Eliminated Team Episode Place
Lyndon Falling Turtles Pay the Price 14th
Cristina Brave Eagles The Freak Storm 13th
Nathan Brave Eagles Hawaiian Lunch 12th
Jessie Falling Turtles Take to the Seas! 11th
Carly Falling Turtles Adrift at the Lake (TV Movie #1) 10th
Kaylee Brave Eagles Total Drama Survivor 9th
Griffin Sunshine Tribe The Landon Hills *teams end and Sunshine Tribe begins* 8th
Emily Sunshine Tribe Omiyosiw Olympics 7th
Tracy Sunshine Tribe Hurricane Blaineley 6th
Jared Sunshine Tribe The Dance-Off 5th
Joe Sunshine Tribe Happy 50th Episode 4th
Samantha Sunshine Tribe Back to the Past 3rd
Darren Sunshine Tribe Homeward Bound 2nd-1
Troy Sunshine Tribe The Awesome Summer 2nd-2


Sohkeyimow Kihewak (Brave Eagles) 

Sohkeyimow Kihewak is one of the two teams in TDOM. It is Cree for Brave Eagles.


Emily: eliminated

Cristina: eliminated

Darren: eliminated

Jared: eliminated

Tracy: eliminated

Kaylee: eliminated

Nathan: eliminated

Pahkisinwak Miskinahkwak (Falling Turtles)

Pahkisinwak Miskinahkwak (aka Falling Turtles in English) is the other of the two teams on TDOM.


Samantha: eliminated

Carly: eliminated

Joe: eliminated

Lyndon: eliminated

Jessie: eliminated


Griffin: eliminated

Sunshine Tribe (Episodes 7-14)

After the Eagles and the Turtles merged, the whole group became the Sunshine Tribe!


Emily: eliminated

Darren: eliminated

Jared: eliminated

Tracy: eliminated

Samantha: eliminated

Joe: eliminated

Troy: eliminated


Griffin: eliminated