Total Drama: Return to Frye Island is the 18th season of Drama and the only to air in 2017, after a long hiatus.


Hey, sorry about the wait, but we're back! Chris, Chef, and a gang of newbies are back to the show to compete for another million bucks! This time taking place on the now abandoned Frye Island! This season, the elimination exit is a catapult.


Name Description US Airdate Canadian Airdate Season Code Series Code
Welcome Back to the Island The newbies are introduced to the now abandoned island, and one annoying camper gets the boot. 5/13/17 4/11/19 1801 259
Eastward Expansion The cast has their first challenge, and second elimination. It's an exploration challenge! 5/13/17 4/12/19 1802 260
The Ultimate Frisbee Challenge While Chris is away, the campers have a frisbee challenge. 5/14/17 4/13/19 1803 261
Scary Scavengers A scavenger hunt across the wild island happens. 5/15/17 4/14/19 1804 262
Chef's Ultimate Chowdown A food contest (with unusually disgusting food) takes place. 5/16/17 4/15/19 1805 263
Happy-Go-Mucky Chris makes the cast do an ATV challenge, which gets them stuck. 5/19/17 4/16/19 1806 264
Deterioration of a Middle School GMS makes a cameo as a destroyed building where the campers must find the roof. 5/20/17 4/17/19 1807 265
Long Arm of the Hatchet Someone gets eliminated after Chris doesn't want to do a challenge. 5/20/17 4/18/19 1808 266
Give Me Some Space The cast go up to space in balloons (rigged by Chris) and try to get down to the ground. 5/23/17 4/19/19 1809 267
Fear Factor 2.0 Chris uses the contestants' worst fears to antagonize them. 6/1/17 4/20/19 1810 268
Hit Me With Your Best Pot A cooking challenge makes everyone tense. 6/1/17 4/21/19 1811 269
Audience Vote The audience votes on the next contestant to leave. 6/1/17 4/22/19 1812 270
My Shark Ate My Money The final two must fight a shark for the million after the shark steals it! 6/1/17 4/23/19 1813 271


Name Eliminated Place
Sasha Audience Vote 3rd
Elliott Give Me Some Space 6th
Christine Welcome Back to the Island 14th
Mikey Fear Factor 2.0 5th
Gage Happy-Go-Mucky 9th
Logan WINNER 1st
Andrea Hit Me With Your Best Pot 4th
Ciera Scary Scavengers 11th
Lance The Ultimate Frisbee Challenge 12th
Raelynn Deterioration of a Middle School 8th
Jeanna My Shark Ate My Money 2nd
Frank Eastward Expansion 13th
Milo The Long Arm of the Hatchet 7th
Lana Chef's Ultimate Chowdown 10th

Theme Song

MUSIC: I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous! I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!

The clapperboard snaps down after the first few seconds and the camera races through the island. Sasha is painting her nails and the camera spills her nail polish, making her upset. Jeanna and Lance are balancing on a balance beam before falling off. Elliott then ushers the camera to the firepit, where the campers whistle the ending.


  • This season premiered 5 months after Season 17 finished airing. This was due to a hiatus/cancellation of the show that lasted from November to May.
  • Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet are back to host the season! Chef hasn't been the co-host since the first Frye Island season, and Chris took a vacation for Season 17.


  • Gorham Middle School from Seasons 5 and 12 appeared as a destroyed wreck where the contestants had to do a challenge in the episode "Deterioration of a Middle School."
  • The moon camp from Season 16 appeared in "Give Me Some Space" when the contestants flew to the moon by accident.
  • The first episode has the same title as the first two of Total Drama: Frye Island, due to this being a sequel season, with only the word 'Back' added to it.