Total Drama: Revenge of the Antagonists is the 12th season of Drama, and the sequel season to Season 5, Total Drama Antagonists.


There are 14 contestants, but only 13 episodes.

Name Description Challenge Aired Eliminated Season Code Series Code
Bad Guys Finish First! The 14 returning contestants are introduced. None 5/29/16 Tristan, Sebago Team 12-1 180
Crappy School, Crappy Season The school continues to deteriorate as the challenge becomes dangerous. Dodge the falling ceiling to grab a box which might contain invincibility..... 5/30/16 Shaniqua, Sebago Team 12-2 181
The Paint Job The challenge is rather messy. Paint the entire auditorium. 6/10/16 Irwin 12-3, Team Merger 182
Back to the Old Bind The cast must do homework. Solving complicated homework problems. 6/11/16 Jody 12-4 183
TDROTA Aftermath: There's Evil Afoot Mariah and Louis discuss the season so far. And one contestant is eliminated via webcam. None 6/13/16 Blaineley 12-5 184
The Carnival Claire takes the contestants to a carnival, and one contestant sabotages them. Ride 14 rides at a carnival 6/14/16 Amanda 12-6 185
Dunking Tank Claire is dunked into a tank full of water and sharks. Dunk Claire into a water dunking tank. 6/15/16 Kaylee 12-7 186
The Hungry Games An eating challenge forces the contestants to well, eat. Eat as much as possible in 10 minutes! 6/16/16 Jacques 12-8 187
Lightning Strikes Once A lightning storm strikes the school, knocking out the power. Fix the power on the school. 6/17/16 Aric 12-9 188
TDROTA Aftermath II: The Evil is Nigh Mariah and Louis discuss the season again as it ends. None 6/20/16 Cristina 12-10 189
Gorham Desks Are Raining Down.... Desks from the upper floor fall and crash to the ground. Run away from the falling desks. 6/20/16 Courtney 12-11 190
Scary Stories Around the School The cast tell scary stories. Don't be frightened by scary stories. 6/21/16 Jen 12-12 191
School Fire! The school catches fire, and the building begins to collapse. Run away from the burning school! *unplanned challenge* 6/22/16 Roger

Kyle (winner)

12-13, Season Finale 192


Sebago Team Returning from Eliminated Place
Jen Mekapanema-Season 1

Frye Island-Season 2

Mekapanema's Revenge-Season 7

Scary Stories Around the School 3rd
Courtney Mekapanema-Season 1

Antagonists-Season 5

Mekapanema's Revenge-Season 7

Gorham Desks Are Raining Down.... 4th
Roger Mekapanema-Season 1

Mekapanema's Revenge-Season 7

School Fire! 2nd
Tristan Frye Island-Season 2

Antagonists-Season 5 (host)

Katawasisin Island-Season 6 (host)

Greenmere Meadows-Season 8

Bad Guys Finish First! 14th
Cristina Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3

Greenmere Meadows-Season 8

TDROTA Aftermath II: The Evil is Nigh 5th
Kaylee Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3

Greenmere Meadows-Season 8

Dunking Tank 8th
Shaniqua Luckiamute Forest-Season 4

Antagonists-Season 5

Crappy School, Crappy Season 13th
Moosehead Team Returning from Eliminated Place
Jody Luckiamute Forest-Season 4 Back to the Old Bind 11th
Kyle Luckiamute Forest-Season 4

Katawasisin Island-Season 6

Blaineley Omiyosiw Mountain-Season 3 (host)

Antagonists-Season 5

TDROTA Aftermath 10th
Jacques Antagonists-Season 5 The Hungry Games 7th
Aric Katawasisin Island-Season 6 Lightning Strikes Once 6th
Amanda Katawasisin Island-Season 6 The Carnival 9th
Irwin Sunset Mountains-Season 9

Camp Ritchatakwa-Season 10

The Paint Job 12th

Cultural References

  • In the first episode, Bad Guys Finish First!, Shaniqua says she wants 'some cake....and I wanna eat it by the ocean.' This is a reference to 'Cake by the Ocean,' a popular song by DNCE.